10 Best Sport Charity Organizations in the USA

Sports have an incredible ability to unite communities, inspire individuals, and bring about positive societal change. While we often celebrate the achievements of athletes on the field, it is just as crucial to acknowledge the influence of sports philanthropic organizations that diligently operate in the background, striving to create a positive change in the lives of the less fortunate.

In the United States, numerous sports charity organizations are dedicated to using the passion for sports as a vehicle for change, uplifting underserved communities, and addressing critical social issues. In this article, we’ll spotlight the 10 Best Sport Charity Organizations in the USA.

These organizations are committed to harnessing the transformative power of sports to foster inclusivity, promote physical and mental well-being, and create opportunities for individuals facing various life challenges.

What is a sports charity?

A sports charity, also known as a sports-based or sports philanthropy organization, is a nonprofit entity that uses sports and physical activity to achieve charitable and social goals. These organizations harness the popularity and accessibility of sports to address various social, educational, health, and community-related issues. While the specific objectives of sports charities can vary widely, their common thread is using sports as a tool for positive change and community development.

Sport Charity Organizations in the USA

What are the 3 types of charities?

1. Service Charities

Service charities directly provide goods or services to individuals or communities in need. Service charities include food banks, homeless shelters, medical clinics, and disaster relief organizations. These charities focus on addressing immediate and tangible needs within society.

2. Advocacy and Research Charities

Advocacy charities work to influence public policy, raise awareness, and promote specific causes or issues. They often engage in lobbying, public campaigns, and advocacy efforts to bring about social and political change. On the other hand, research charities allocate resources to scientific research and discovery, funding studies, clinical trials, and investigations to find solutions to pressing issues, such as medical conditions, environmental concerns, or social problems.

3. Grantmaking and Support Charities

Grantmaking foundations are charities that collect and manage funds to distribute grants to other charitable organizations and projects. They support various causes and initiatives based on their philanthropic goals and guidelines. Support charities support other nonprofits, including capacity building, technical assistance, fundraising assistance, and mentorship, helping them operate more effectively and achieve their missions.

10 best sports charity organizations in the USA

1. The Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA)

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) is committed to empowering young individuals to recognize their complete potential and fostering their development as productive, compassionate, and accountable members of society. Through a blend of sports programs and mentorship, BGCA imparts essential life skills to the youth, making them resilient, confident, and future-ready. Noteworthy partnerships with major sports leagues like MLB and NBA further underline their commitment to empowering the next generation. BGCA’s impact transcends individual development and fosters stronger communities through active, engaged, and responsible young citizens.

2. Special Olympics USA

Special Olympics USA aims to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition opportunities to individuals with intellectual disabilities. Inclusivity lies at the heart of their initiatives, breaking down barriers and promoting diversity in sports. The organization hosts prominent events and boasts partnerships with esteemed athletes who champion the cause of inclusivity. Special Olympics USA does more than just organize sports competitions; it instills confidence, self-worth, and a sense of belonging in those it serves, demonstrating the transformative power of athletics.

3. Playworks

Playworks recognizes the importance of play in children’s lives and strives to improve their well-being through increased physical activity and meaningful play. Their innovative approach revolves around creating a positive school environment where play fosters healthy social development. With a commitment to reducing bullying and enhancing school culture, Playworks ensures that children enjoy physical activity and learn vital life skills, making schools more inclusive, vibrant, and supportive places.

4. Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)

The Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) is dedicated to transforming the youth sports culture into a Development Zone® where character development and positive experiences take center stage. They offer coach and parent education programs emphasizing sportsmanship, leadership, and ethical values. PCA’s partnerships with renowned sports organizations underscore their commitment to creating responsible and resilient athletes, proving that winning extends beyond the scoreboard to building strong character.

5. Right to Play USA

Right to Play USA harnesses the power of sport and play to address critical issues such as education and health among vulnerable populations. Their global impact is tangible, and partnerships with organizations like the International Olympic Committee attest to their effectiveness. Right to Play USA doesn’t merely promote physical activity; it empowers children to overcome adversity through play, equipping them with valuable life skills, knowledge, and opportunities.

6. Athletes for Hope (AFH)

Athletes for Hope (AFH) engages professional athletes in charitable activities, educating and assisting them in giving back to their communities and causes they care about. The organization serves as a bridge between athletes and philanthropy, resulting in various mentorship and community outreach programs. With a roster of notable athletes committed to making a difference, AFH exemplifies how sports can inspire positive change beyond the field or court.

7. The First Tee

The First Tee is dedicated to impacting young lives by providing educational programs that build character and instill life-enhancing values through golf. While golf serves as the vehicle for teaching life skills, the organization focuses on promoting self-esteem, confidence, and healthy choices. With youth development programs and partnerships with schools, The First Tee ensures that children not only learn a lifelong sport but also gain essential life skills that shape their futures.

8. Girls on the Run (GOTR)

Girls on the Run (GOTR) motivates girls to embrace joy, health, and self-assurance by skillfully blending running with developing essential life skills in their curriculum. This organization focuses on boosting self-esteem, fostering positive body image, and promoting healthy choices among girls. Through exercise and life lessons, GOTR empowers girls to navigate adolescence with resilience, determination, and a sense of self-worth.

9. Project Play

Project Play is committed to enhancing the quality and quantity of sports activity, making sports accessible to all children. Their advocacy addresses sports access and inclusivity issues, which are vital for youth development. With research and policy initiatives, Project Play aims to transform communities into places where all children can engage in sports and reap its numerous benefits.

10. Good Sports

Good Sports ensures that all children can play sports and be active by donating equipment to underprivileged youth. Their focus on breaking down financial barriers to sports participation directly impacts improving physical activity levels among children. With partnerships with sports brands and organizations, Good Sports has made a significant difference in the lives of countless young athletes, proving that access to sports is a fundamental right for every child.

Who is the largest charity in the US?

The largest charity in the US is Lutheran Services in America. According to Forbes, Lutheran Services in America takes the top spot with a revenue of $23 billion in 2022. This network of 300 Lutheran organizations focuses on social services, healthcare, and education.


In sports, we often see how teamwork, commitment, and never giving up can lead to incredible things. But there’s more to sports than just games and competitions. Particular groups of people use their kindness, understanding, and firm belief that sports can improve the world. These special groups are the top 10 sports charity organizations in the USA that we discussed in this article.

It is clear that these organizations are not merely enhancing the sporting experience; they are rewriting the narrative of what sports can achieve. From providing opportunities to underprivileged youth to championing inclusivity and fostering character development, these unsung heroes of the sporting world are making a tangible difference.


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