Can I Use BetMGM in California?

As online betting grows, many Californians are curious about their options for engaging in this popular pastime.

BetMGM, one of the leading platforms in the online betting industry, offers a wide range of betting options, from sports to casino games.

This raises an essential question for residents of the Golden State: Can I Use BetMGM in California?

This blog post aims to shed light on the legal status of using BetMGM within the state, examining the current legislation and what it means for aspiring bettors.

The legal landscape of online betting in California is complex and constantly evolving. Currently, the state has specific laws and regulations that govern the operation of online betting platforms.

This can make it challenging for residents to understand what is and isn’t permissible when placing bets online.

In the following sections, we’ll dive deeper into whether BetMGM operates in California, discuss any potential legal hurdles, and explore the future for online betting enthusiasts in the state.

Stay tuned as we delve into the details of using BetMGM in California, providing clarity and guidance for those eager to participate in online betting.

BetMGM in California

Overview of Online Betting in California

Online betting in California remains a topic of considerable debate and evolving legislation.

Despite being a state with a rich history in gambling, through its numerous casinos and long-standing horse racing tracks, the expansion into online betting has been slow and fraught with legal complexities.

As of my last update in April 2023, sports betting, online casinos, and online poker operate in a legal gray area, with specific forms of online betting not explicitly authorized by state law.

The Golden State has yet to pass comprehensive legislation that fully legalizes and regulates online sports betting or casino games.

This lack of statewide regulation stems from legislative challenges, interest group politics, and varying opinions on the best approach to legalizing and managing these platforms.

While there have been multiple attempts to push through bills that would legalize and regulate online sports betting, none have successfully passed both the legislative process and public referendums.

In contrast, daily fantasy sports (DFS) operate in a more permissive environment in California, with major DFS operators offering their services to Californians.

This is due to the classification of DFS as games of skill rather than luck, placing them in a different category from traditional sports betting in the eyes of the law.

Moreover, California’s Native American tribes play a significant role in the state’s gambling landscape, operating numerous casinos under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

There have been initiatives, primarily led by these tribes, to introduce sports betting exclusively at tribal casinos and certain horse racing tracks, but these have yet to materialize into law.

BetMGM Overview

BetMGM is a prominent figure in the online betting industry, a joint venture born from the collaboration between MGM Resorts International, a global leader in hospitality and entertainment, and Entain, a powerhouse in sports betting and gaming.

Launched to capture the rapidly expanding US online betting market, BetMGM combines MGM Resorts’ renowned brand and loyal customer base with Entain’s advanced betting technology and expertise.

This platform offers a comprehensive betting experience catering to various preferences and tastes.

Users can dive into an extensive selection of sports betting options, ranging from major league sports like the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL to tennis, golf, and NASCAR.

BetMGM doesn’t stop at sports; it also provides an immersive online casino experience featuring various games, including slots, blackjack, roulette, live dealer games, and an online poker room in select states.

What sets BetMGM apart is its user-friendly interface, designed to accommodate both seasoned bettors and newcomers.

The platform offers detailed betting options, live betting, and the ability to stream select sporting events directly through the app, enhancing the overall user experience.

BetMGM is also known for its promotional offers and loyalty program, Life Rewards, which integrates the online betting experience with MGM Resorts’ properties, offering perks and benefits beyond the digital realm.

Can I Use BetMGM in California?

Unfortunately, BetMGM is not currently legal to use in California. Sports betting is not yet legalized in the state.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Legislation is pending: California is actively considering legalizing sports betting, and many experts believe it will happen eventually.
  • BetMGM is expected to be a significant player: If and when sports betting becomes legal in California, BetMGM is likely to be among the first operators to launch in the state.
  • Alternatives exist in nearby states: If you’re located near the California border, you may be able to access BetMGM in a neighboring state where it is legal, such as Arizona.

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The Future of Online Betting in California

The future of online betting in California is poised at a crossroads, with potential pathways leading to significant changes in the legal landscape for sports betting, online casinos, and poker.

The state, known for its complex regulatory environment and diverse stakeholders, including Native American tribes, commercial gambling operators, and legislative bodies, faces a multifaceted debate over the expansion of online betting.

Vital to understanding the prospects of online betting in California is recognizing the substantial economic benefits it could bring, from tax revenue to job creation.

These incentives are balanced against concerns over gambling addiction, the integrity of sports, and the impact on existing gambling establishments, including tribal casinos that hold significant sway over gambling legislation due to existing compacts with the state.

Legislative efforts to legalize online betting have been challenged, including the need for consensus among various stakeholders and the requirement for voter approval for significant gambling expansions, as dictated by California’s constitution.

Previous attempts to pass legislation have faltered, but the continued push by lawmakers and interest groups suggests that attempts to legalize and regulate online betting will persist.

The potential entry of primary online betting platforms like BetMGM hinges on the passage of such legislation. These platforms are keenly watching California’s market, ready to enter once legal barriers are removed.

Their involvement would likely bring Californians a sophisticated online betting experience, advanced betting options, robust consumer protections, and integration with existing entertainment and hospitality services.


Whether BetMGM can be used in California hinges on the evolving legalities of online betting within the state.

The current regulatory framework does not permit the operation of platforms like BetMGM for sports betting or online casino games.

However, the landscape is ripe for change, with ongoing discussions and legislative efforts to transform the state’s approach to online gambling.

For Californians eager to engage with BetMGM, staying informed about these developments is crucial.

The future may hold new possibilities as stakeholders work towards legalizing online betting, potentially opening the door for BetMGM and similar platforms to welcome California residents.

Until then, the focus remains on the legal progress and the anticipation of what the future might bring for online betting enthusiasts in the Golden State.


Why can’t I use BetMGM in California?

California has not yet legalized online sports betting or online casinos, which means platforms like BetMGM cannot operate legally within the state for these services.

Are there any legal online betting options available in California?

While online sports betting and casinos are illegal, Californians can participate in Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), which are legal and available in the state.

When will BetMGM become available in California?

The availability of BetMGM in California will depend on the state passing legislation to legalize and regulate online sports betting and casino games. It’s essential to stay informed on legislative developments for the latest updates.

Can I use BetMGM if I visit a state where it is legal?

If you are physically present in a state where BetMGM is legally operating, you can use the platform for sports betting and casino games, subject to local state laws and regulations.

How can I support the legalization of online betting in California?

You can support legalization by staying informed, voting on relevant measures, and expressing your views to state legislators and representatives.

What are the risks of using unregulated online betting platforms?

Using unregulated platforms can expose you to risks such as lack of consumer protection, potential legal consequences, and issues securing your funds and personal information.

Are there any plans for BetMGM to partner with local casinos or sports teams in California?

Any potential partnerships would likely be announced if and when the legal situation changes to allow for online betting. BetMGM and other platforms often seek local partnerships to enhance their market presence.

How will I know if BetMGM becomes available in California?

BetMGM and other news outlets will likely announce the availability of services in new states. Keeping an eye on official BetMGM communications and news related to online betting legislation in California will provide the latest information.

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