How to Get Free Bets on FanDuel- A Complete Guide

FanDuel, a household name synonymous with the excitement of fantasy sports and online betting, has become a hub for sports enthusiasts seeking adrenaline-pumping experiences and lucrative wins. While the thrill of wagering on your favourite teams or players is undeniably enticing, what if we told you there’s a way to amplify the excitement without risking your own money? Enter the world of free bets on FanDuel – a game-changer in online sports betting.

Free Bets on FanDuel

In this article, we’re about to unfold the strategies and insider tips that will empower you to unlock free bets on FanDuel. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a newcomer eager to dip your toes into the exhilarating world of online wagering, this guide is your key to maximizing the fun without denting your wallet. Let the game begin!

How to Get Free Bets on FanDuel

Getting free bets on FanDuel can add an extra layer of excitement to your online sports betting experience. FanDuel, a prominent player in the world of fantasy sports and online wagering, offers various opportunities for users to earn free bets. Here are a few ways to get free bets on FanDuel:

  • New user welcome bonus: FanDuel offers a welcome bonus to all new users. To claim this bonus, simply sign up for a FanDuel account and make a first deposit of $10 or more. Then, place your first real-money bet of any type, and you’ll receive $150 in bonus bets. You will get the bonus bets in your account within 72 hours after your initial bet has been settled.
  • Promotions: FanDuel frequently runs promotions where you can earn free bets. These promotions can vary, but they may include placing bets on specific games, playing certain casino games, or referring friends to FanDuel. You can find all current promotions on the FanDuel website or app.
  • Rewards program: FanDuel has a rewards program called the FanDuel Fan Club. As you bet on sports and play casino games on FanDuel, you’ll earn FanDuel Points. You have the option to trade in these points for a range of rewards, which may include free bets.

How to Get $1,000 in Free Bets on FanDuel

There is no current way to get $1,000 in free bets on FanDuel. The largest welcome bonus offered by FanDuel is $150 in free bets. However, you can earn free bets through a variety of other promotions and rewards, such as:

  • Same Game Parlays: FanDuel offers a promotion where you can earn a bonus bet if you place a Same Game Parlay with three or more legs and it loses. The amount of the bonus bet is equal to the amount of your original bet, up to $1,000.
  • No Sweat Bets: FanDuel also offers a promotion where you can place a No Sweat Bet on any event. If your No Sweat Bet loses, FanDuel will reimburse your wager with bonus bets up to a maximum of $1,000.
  • FanDuel Fan Club: FanDuel’s rewards program, the FanDuel Fan Club, allows you to earn FanDuel Points for every bet you place and every casino game you play. You can cash these points for different prizes, like receiving free bets.

FanDuel Free Bet Promo Code

FanDuel Sportsbook offers a “Bet $5, Get $150 in Bonus Bets” promotion for new users in eligible states. This means that if you sign up for a new FanDuel Sportsbook account and place your first bet of $5 or more, you will get $150 in bonus bets regardless of whether your first bet wins or loses. You will also receive a free three-month trial subscription to NBA League Pass.

To claim this offer, follow these steps:

  • Click here to sign up for a new FanDuel Sportsbook account.
  • Add a minimum of $10 to your account.
  • Place your first bet of $5 or more on any sports betting market.
  • Receive $150 in bonus bets within 72 hours of your first bet settling.
  • Receive a code for a free three-month trial subscription to NBA League Pass within 24 hours of your first bet settling.

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FanDuel Promo Code for Existing Users

FanDuel Sportsbook does not currently offer any promo codes specifically for existing users. However, they do offer a variety of ongoing promotions that are available to all users, including:

  • Same-Game Parlay Profit Boosts: FanDuel frequently offers profit boosts on same-game parlays. This means you can earn a bonus on your winnings if your same-game parlay wins.
  • Odds Boosts: FanDuel also offers odds boosts on select bets. This means that you can get better odds on certain bets, which can increase your potential payout.
  • Referral Bonuses:If you refer a friend to FanDuel Sportsbook, you can earn a bonus.
  • Free Bets: FanDuel sometimes offers free bets to existing users. These bets are just like regular bets, but you don’t have to risk any of your own money.

How Often Does FanDuel Give Free play?

FanDuel regularly gives out free bets and free plays, but the frequency varies depending on the type of promotion. For example, the FanDuel Fan Club rewards program gives out free bets on a monthly and weekly basis, while the Same Game Parlay promotion gives out free bets if your parlay loses. Other promotions that may give out free bets or free plays may be offered on a more sporadic basis, such as during major sporting events or the holidays.

To stay up-to-date on the latest FanDuel promotions, follow FanDuel on social media and check your email regularly. You can also check the FanDuel website or app for a list of all current promotions.


FanDuel stands out as a leading platform that not only offers an extensive array of wagering options but also provides exciting opportunities to earn free bets. As we conclude this comprehensive guide on how to get free bets on FanDuel, it’s evident that strategic engagement with the platform can significantly enhance your overall betting experience.

From the enticing welcome bonuses that greet new users to the ongoing promotions and loyalty programs designed to reward dedicated bettors, FanDuel presents a landscape filled with opportunities. The thrill of placing bets on your favourite sports betting events becomes even more exhilarating when you can do so with the added excitement of free bets.

Remember to stay vigilant and regularly check the promotions section, social media channels, and newsletters for the latest updates and exclusive offers. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or just beginning to explore the world of online wagering, the prospect of free bets on FanDuel adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the game.

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