How to Track Your Ladbrokes Bet

Are you trying to figure out “How to track your Ladbrokes bet”? If so, you’ve come to the right place. It is a common question among many punters, whether they are seasoned veterans in the world of betting or new enthusiasts just starting their journey. As one of the UK’s premier betting platforms, Ladbrokes offers various betting options across multiple sports and events. But, with so many bets placed daily, keeping time can be challenging.

This detailed guide is designed to simplify that process for you. We understand the importance of not just placing bets but also having the ability to follow their progress. Knowing your bets’ status is crucial for effectively managing your betting strategy. It helps you make informed decisions on future wagers and keeps you connected with the action as it unfolds.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything from navigating the Ladbrokes website and mobile app to understanding the intricacies of your bet slips. Whether you are placing your first bet or are a regular on the platform, we aim to equip you with all the necessary information and tools to track your chances quickly and confidently.

We’ll look into the different types of bets available on Ladbrokes, how to access your betting history and the features that allow you to monitor live updates of the events you’ve wagered on. Moreover, we’ll  explore the advanced tracking tools Ladbrokes offers for more experienced bettors.

How to Track Your Ladbrokes Bet

By the end of this guide, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of “How to track your Ladbrokes bet,” ensuring that you stay updated on your wagers and enjoy a seamless betting experience. So, let’s dive in and demystify the process of bet tracking on Ladbrokes!

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Place a Bet on Ladbrokes

Placing a bet on Ladbrokes is a straightforward process designed to be user-friendly and accessible for bettors of all experience levels. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

1. Creating an Account: You must register with Ladbrokes before placing a bet. If you haven’t already, sign up on their website or mobile app by providing the required personal information and creating your login credentials.

2. Logging In and Depositing Funds: Once your account is set up, log in. You’ll need to deposit funds into your account to place a bet. Ladbrokes offers deposit methods like credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. Choose the one that suits you best and follow the prompts to add money to your account.

3. Selecting Your Sport: Ladbrokes offers various sports to wager on, from football games and horse racing to cricket and tennis. Navigate to the sports section and choose your preferred sport.

4. Choosing the Event and Market: After selecting your sport, you’ll see a list of available events. Click on the event you’re interested in. Within each event, there are different betting markets – for illustration, you can bet on the outright winner, the score, or specific events during the game.

5. Understanding and Selecting Odds: Odds represent the probability of an outcome occurring and determine how much you can win. Browse the odds offered for different products and select the one you want to bet on.

6. Placing Your Bet: Once you’ve chosen your odds, click on them to add them to your bet slip. Enter the amount you wish to stake in the bet slip. Your potential winnings will be calculated and displayed based on the odds and your stake.

7. Confirming Your Bet:

  • Review your bet slip to ensure everything is as you intended.
  • Look over the event, selected market, odds, and stake.
  • If everything looks good, confirm your bet.

8. Bet is Logged for Tracking: After confirming, your bet is officially placed and logged into your account. You can now track this bet.

Navigating Your Ladbrokes Account: Find Your Active Bets 

Navigating your Ladbrokes account to find and track your active bets is critical to managing your betting activities. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of how to do this:

Logging into Your Account:

  • Start by accessing the Ladbrokes website or opening the mobile app.
  • Type your username and password to log in. If you’re using a personal device, save your login details for faster access in the future.

Accessing the Dashboard:

  • Once logged in, you’ll be directed to your account dashboard. It is your central hub for all betting activities on Ladbrokes.
  • The dashboard is designed to be user-friendly, displaying key features such as your current balance, any ongoing promotions, and quick links to various sports and betting markets.

Navigating to ‘My Bets’:

  • Look for a tab or link labelled ‘My Bets,’ ‘Bet History,’ or something similar. It is usually found in the main menu or under your account section.
  • Click on this link to access your betting history.

Reviewing Your Active Bets:

  • In the ‘My Bets’ section, you’ll find a comprehensive list of all your bets.
  • Active bets are ongoing – these could be bets on live events or events that haven’t started yet.
  • Each bet listed will typically include essential details like the date the bet was placed, the type of bet, the amount staked, the potential winnings, and the current status (e.g., pending, won, lost).

Understanding Bet Status:

  • The status of each bet helps you understand where you stand. For example, ‘Won’ indicates a successful bet, while ‘Lost’ means the opposite. ‘Pending’ or ‘Open’ bets are those still in play or awaiting a result.
  • You may also see real-time updates for live events, which can be exciting to follow, especially for in-play betting.

Sorting and Filtering Options:

  • Ladbrokes may offer options to sort or filter your bets. It can be beneficial if you have multiple bets and want to view them based on specific criteria, like date, sport, or status.

Additional Features:

  • Some bets have additional features like Cash Out, which allows you to settle a bet before the event concludes. Keep an eye on these options, as they can be strategically significant.

Getting More Information:

  • If you need more details about a specific bet, you can click on it to expand and view all the relevant information, such as the breakdown of odds and the specifics of the bet.
  • Regularly checking the ‘My Bets’ section lets you stay informed about all your betting activities on Ladbrokes. It helps you keep track of your betting history, manage your bankroll effectively, and make informed decisions for future bets. Staying organized and knowledgeable is critical to a responsible and enjoyable betting experience.

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Tracking Your Bets on Ladbrokes: Tips and Tricks

Effective bet tracking on Ladbrokes encompasses a range of strategies and practices that go beyond merely checking the outcomes of your bets. It’s about actively managing and understanding your betting behaviour to optimize your chances of success. Here are some tips and tricks to enhance your bet-tracking experience on Ladbrokes:

Utilize Live Updates and Scores:

  • Ladbrokes provides live updates and scores for a wide range of sports events. These real-time feeds are invaluable for tracking your bets’ performance as the action unfolds.
  • In-play betting updates can inform your decisions on placing additional bets, adjusting your strategy, or even opting for a cash-out if the feature is available.

Stay Informed About Your Sport:

  • Knowledge is power in the betting world. Staying informed about the sports you wager on, including team news, player injuries, and historical performance, can give you an edge in predicting outcomes.
  • Use Ladbrokes’ resources, such as their blog or news section, to stay updated with the new information relevant to your bets.

Analyze Your Betting History:

  • Regularly review your betting history on Ladbrokes. Look for patterns in your wins and losses. Understanding these patterns can aid you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Pay attention to the types of bets that have been most successful for you, and consider focusing more on those in the future.

Set Betting Goals and Limits:

  • Set clear, achievable goals for your betting activities. It could be a profit margin, several successful bets, or gaining more experience in a new betting market.
  • Setting limits to ensure responsible gambling is equally essential. It includes setting deposit limits and not chasing losses.

Use Notifications and Alerts:

  • Enable notifications and alerts on the Ladbrokes app to stay updated on the status of your bets, especially if you’re not actively watching the event.
  • These notifications can alert you to significant developments, like a goal scored in a football match or the start of a horse race you’ve bet on.

Explore Advanced Betting Analytics:

  • For more seasoned bettors, delve into advanced analytics and data Ladbrokes offers. These can include detailed statistical breakdowns of teams or players, which can be crucial for making more informed bets.

Engage in Community and Forums:

  • Participate in betting communities and forums on Ladbrokes or other platforms. Sharing insights and strategies with fellow bettors can provide new perspectives and valuable tips.

Regularly Update Your Strategy:

  • Betting is dynamic, and strategies that worked yesterday may be less effective today. Regularly reassess and update your betting strategies based on current trends and your performance analytics.

Balance Intuition with Analysis:

  • While data and analysis are crucial, sometimes your gut feeling plays a significant role. Balancing analytical decision-making with intuition can sometimes lead to better betting decisions.
  • Implementing these tips and tricks, tracking your bets on Ladbrokes becomes a more engaging and potentially rewarding experience. Remember, successful betting is not just about luck; it’s about informed decision-making, discipline, and continual learning.

Ladbrokes Mobile App: Tracking Your Bets On-the-Go

The Ladbrokes mobile app is an essential tool for any bettor who prefers the convenience and flexibility of managing their bets on the go. Here’s a deeper look at how the app facilitates effective bet tracking and overall betting management:

Seamless Integration with Desktop Features:

  • The app mirrors the desktop experience, offering all the features you’re familiar with in a mobile-friendly format. This seamless integration means you can switch between devices without losing track of your activities.

Easy Navigation and User Interface:

  • The app is designed for easy use, with a clean and intuitive user interface. It makes navigation straightforward, whether you’re looking to place a bet, check live scores, or track existing bets.
  • Critical features like ‘My Bets,’ live betting options, and account management are readily accessible.

Real-Time Bet Tracking:

  • Track the status of your bets in real time. The app provides updates as events unfold, which is particularly useful for in-play betting, where odds and outcomes can change rapidly.
  • You can view the details of each bet, including the stake, potential winnings, and current status, just as you would on the desktop platform.

Live Scores and Updates:

  • Stay updated with live scores and events directly through the app. This feature is invaluable for sports enthusiasts who want to keep a pulse on the games they’ve bet on without switching between different apps or websites.

Deposit and Withdraw Funds:

  • The app allows you to manage your account’s finances efficiently. You can deposit funds or request withdrawals with just a few taps. This feature ensures you can manage your bankroll effectively, even when away from your computer.

Placing Bets Anytime, Anywhere:

  • One of the app’s most significant advantages is the ability to place bets no matter where you are. Whether at a sports bar, at home, or even at the event itself, you can quickly make a bet if you have an internet connection.

Notifications and Alerts:

  • Enable push notifications to receive alerts about your bets and favourite sports. It can include messages for bet settlements, event starts, and other relevant updates.
  • These alerts ensure you don’t miss any opportunities and stay informed about the outcomes of your bets.

Access to All Betting Markets and Options:

  • The app provides access to all of Ladbrokes’ betting markets. Whether you’re into football, horse racing, or niche sports, you can find and place your bets as quickly as on the desktop site.

Responsible Gambling Features:

  • The app includes features to promote responsible gambling, such as deposit limits and self-exclusion options. These tools are essential for maintaining control over your betting activities.

Customer Support:

  • If you encounter any issues or have questions, the app provides access to Ladbrokes’ customer support, ensuring help is always available.
  • Using the Ladbrokes mobile app, you can enjoy the full spectrum of betting services with the added convenience of mobility. It’s a comprehensive tool that caters to both casual and severe bettors, offering a robust, secure, and user-friendly platform for managing all your betting needs on the move.

Understanding Ladbrokes Bet Slips: A Comprehensive Overview

Understanding your Ladbrokes bet slip is crucial for effective betting management. Each time you place a bet, a bet slip is generated, serving as a record of your wager. Here’s a detailed overview of how to interpret the various elements on a Ladbrokes bet slip:


The slip lists all the selections you have made. These are the specific outcomes you have bet on, such as a team winning a match or a player scoring a goal.

Each selection is usually accompanied by the event’s name and relevant details like the team names, race names, or player names, depending on the sport.

Type of Bet:

The bet slip specifies the type of bet you have placed. It could be a single bet, a multiple bet (like a double or triple), or an accumulator.

Understanding the type of bet is important because it affects how your winnings are calculated.


  • The slip shows the odds of each selection when you place the bet. These odds represent the likelihood of the event occurring as perceived by Ladbrokes.
  • The odds format can be displayed in fractional, decimal, or American style, depending on your preference.


  • The slip details the amount of money you have staked on the bet. It is the amount you stand to lose if your bet is unsuccessful.
  • In the case of multiple bets or accumulators, the slip will also show the total stake, which is the sum of all individual stakes.

Potential Payout:

  • One of the most critical pieces of information on the bet slip is the potential payout. The amount you will get if your wager is successful is calculated based on the odds and your stake.
  • The potential payout can be substantial for accumulators and multiple bets for accumulators and various bets as the odds for each selection are accumulated.

Date and Time:

  • The bet slip includes the date and time when each bet was placed. It is essential for tracking and historical reference.
  • It also helps confirm that the bet was placed before the start of the event.

Bet ID or Reference Number:

  • Each bet slip has a unique identification or reference number. This number is crucial for any queries or issues with the bet, as it helps Ladbrokes quickly locate your specific wager.

Cash Out Option:

  • If available, the slip may show a cash-out option. This feature lets you settle the bet before the event concludes, offering a way to secure a profit or cut losses.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The slip may include or link to the terms and conditions related to the bet, such as rules for settlement, void bets, and other essential betting regulations.

Saving or Printing Options:

  • You may have options to save or print the bet slip for your records. It can help track your bets offline or have a physical record.

Understanding your bet slip is essential for tracking your bets, managing your bankroll, and making informed betting decisions. It’s a comprehensive summary of your wager, providing all the necessary details at a glance. By familiarizing yourself with the layout and information on the bet slip, you can enhance your betting experience on Ladbrokes.


The conclusion of our guide on “How to track your Ladbrokes bet” brings us to the essential strategies for maximizing success in Ladbrokes betting. You can take your betting experience to a whole new level by effectively tracking your bets. Here’s how this knowledge and practice can lead to a more prosperous and enjoyable betting journey:

Informed Decision-Making:

Regularly tracking your bets provides a wealth of data about your betting habits and outcomes. This information is crucial for making informed decisions on future wagers. It helps you identify which types of bets, sports, or events are most profitable.

Strategic Betting:

You can refine your betting strategies by analyzing your betting history and tracking the performance of your current bets. You may discover patterns or trends that can be leveraged in future betting decisions. For instance, you succeed more with certain types of bets (e.g., accumulators) or in specific sports.

Bankroll Management:

Effective bet tracking is a vital component of managing your bankroll. It lets you see how much you’re spending and winning, helping you maintain control over your finances and bet within your means.

Enhanced Betting Experience:

Tracking your bets adds more engagement and excitement to your betting experience. It keeps you connected to the action and gives an extensive understanding of the dynamics of sports betting.

Learning and Improvement:

Every bet, whether won or lost, offers a learning opportunity. You can learn from your successes and errors by tracking your chances and gradually improving your betting skills and knowledge.

Responsible Gambling:

Perhaps most importantly, tracking your bets is vital to responsible gambling. It helps you stay aware of your betting activities, preventing the likelihood of excessive gambling. Betting should always be an enjoyable and controlled pastime, not a compulsion.

Using Tools and Resources:

Utilize all the tools and resources provided by Ladbrokes, such as the mobile app, live updates, and customer support. These can significantly aid in making your betting experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Staying Updated:

The world of sports and betting is constantly evolving. Be re-equipped with the latest trends, updates, and news in sports and any new features or changes on the Ladbrokes platform.

In conclusion, understanding how to track your Ladbrokes bet is more than a technical skill – it’s a strategy that can lead to a more responsible, informed, and enjoyable betting experience. Remember to bet responsibly, stay informed, and use the knowledge and tools to enhance your chances of success. Happy betting, and good luck

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