How to place a bet on Unibet – complete guide

Placing a bet on Unibet might initially seem complicated, but our guide simplifies this process for both new and experienced bettors. We start by walking you through setting up an account, which is the first step to entering the world of online betting. Then, we will show you how to place a bet on Unibet, ensuring a smooth and understandable experience.

Understanding how odds work is crucial, and we explain this concept in easy-to-understand terms. We also guide you on selecting events and placing your bets, ensuring you make informed decisions.

place a bet on Unibet

Our guide doesn’t stop there; it also provides practical tips on managing your bankroll to keep your betting experience enjoyable and sustainable.

How To Place a Bet on Unibet 

Placing a bet on Unibet is easy once you get the hang of it. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

1. Create an Account:

First, you need to create a Unibet account. Go to the Unibet website and click on the “Register” button. Fill out the necessary personal details, set up your login credentials, and accept the terms and conditions. You may need to verify your account through an email or SMS confirmation.

2. Deposit Funds:

Before placing a bet, you must deposit funds into your account. Log in, go to the “Account” section, and choose “Deposit.” Choose your desired payment system and follow the prompts to complete your deposit.

3. Browse Betting Markets:

Once your account is funded, explore the range of sports and events available for betting. Unibet offers a wide selection, from popular sports like football and basketball to niche events. Use the navigation menu to find the sport or event you’re interested in.

4. Know the Odds:

Before placing a bet, understand how odds work as they indicate the chances of an event occurring and determine your future winnings. Odds can be shown in different formats, such as decimal, fractional, or American.

5. Place Your Bet:

After selecting an event, choose the type of bet you want to place. Unibet offers various bet types, such as single bets, accumulators, and system bets. Click on the odds next to your selected result to add it to your bet slip. Enter the amount you wish to wager in the bet slip and review your potential winnings.

6. Submit Your Bet:

Confirm and submit your bet once you are satisfied with your selection and stake. You may track your bets’ status in the “My Bets” section of your account.

7. Withdraw Winnings:

If your bet wins, your winnings will be credited to your Unibet account. You can withdraw these funds by going to the “Account” section and selecting “Withdraw.” Choose your withdrawal system and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

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How To Place An Accumulator At Unibet

Placing an accumulator bet on Unibet combines multiple selections into a single wager, offering higher returns but with increased risk since all selections must win for the bet to pay out. Here’s a simple guide on how to place an accumulator bet on Unibet:

1. Log into Your Unibet Account:

First, sign in to your Unibet account. If you don’t have one, you must register and deposit funds.

2. Select Your Events:

Navigate the sports and events offered by Unibet and decide on the ones you want to include in your accumulator. Depending on your interests and expertise, it could range from football matches to tennis games.

3. Make Your Selections:

Click on the odds associated with the outcomes you want to bet on. Each choice will be put on your bet slip, usually visible on the right side of the screen.

4. Choose Accumulator:

Once you have added all your selections to the bet slip, head to the bet slip and find the section usually marked as ‘Multiples’ or ‘Accumulator.’ For example, if you’ve selected four different events, it should offer you the option to place a ‘4-fold accumulator’.

5. Enter Your Stake:

In the accumulator section, enter the money you wish to bet. The bet slip will automatically calculate the future return based on the combined odds of all your selections.

6. Review and Place Your Bet:

Double-check your selections and the stake to ensure everything is correct. Look out for any mistakes or last-minute changes in odds. If you’re satisfied, confirm the bet.

7. Track Your Bet:

Once your accumulator is live, you can track its progress in your account’s ‘My Bets’ section. Here, you’ll see if your bets are winning, lost, or pending.

What are Unibet Featured bets?

Unibet’s “Featured Bets” are a selection of betting options highlighted or promoted by Unibet for various reasons. These can include multiple sports events, markets, or bets that Unibet wants to draw particular attention to. Here’s what typically makes Featured Bets stand out:

1. Popular Events:

Featured Bets often include popular sporting events or matches likely to attract much betting interest. It could be a major football match, a grand slam tennis event, or a high-profile boxing match.

2. Enhanced Odds:

Sometimes, Featured Bets come with improved odds; it means that Unibet offers higher odds for a sure bet than is usually available, providing more value to bettors. It’s a way to entice users to bet on specific events.

3. Particular Markets:

Unibet might highlight unique or special betting markets under Featured Bets. These could be unusual or less common types of bets that are not available elsewhere or are being offered for a limited time.

4. Combination Bets:

Featured Bets can include recommended accumulators or combination bets for specific events. These are pre-selected combinations of multiple bets that Unibet suggests could have a good chance of winning.

5. Seasonal or Event-Specific Promotions:

During certain sports seasons or around specific events, Unibet might feature bets related to those occasions, offering promotions or unique betting options tied to the event.

Featured Bets offers bettors enjoyable, potentially lucrative, or popular betting opportunities. They are designed to be engaging and valuable for those looking for betting inspiration or those new to sports betting who might need help knowing what to bet on.

It’s important to note that while Featured Bets can offer good opportunities, every bet comes with risks, and the highlighted nature of these bets doesn’t guarantee a win.

What Is Unibet’s Bet Builder, and How Does It Work?

Unibet’s Bet Builder is a feature that allows you to create your personalized bet on a football match or other sports by combining several different markets into a single bet. This tool will let you tailor your bets based on your predictions and analysis. Here’s how it typically works:

1. Select a Match:

Start by choosing the football match (or another sport where Bet Builder is available) you want to bet on. Navigate to the event on Unibet’s platform.

2. Open the Bet Builder Feature:

Look for the Bet Builder or “Create Your Bet” option within the match. It is usually prominently displayed within the betting options for the event.

3. Add Selections:

Make your selections by choosing from the available betting markets. Depending on the sport and the open markets, it can include options like the match result, total goals, correct score, goalscorers, cards, corners, and more. Each selection you make will be added to the Bet Builder slip.

4. Combine Markets:

You can combine different markets from the exact match into one bet. For example, you might bet on a team to win over a certain number of goals in the game and a specific player to score. The more selections you add, the higher the odds will be, but remember, all selections must be correct for the bet to win.

5. View Your Odds:

Unibet will automatically calculate the odds for your custom bet as you add and combine different markets. You can see how the odds change as you add or remove other selections.

6. Place Your Bet:

Once satisfied with your selections and the combined odds, enter the stake you wish to bet. Review your bet to ensure everything is correct, then submit your Bet Builder wager.

7. Track Your Bet:

After placing your bet, you can monitor its progress and other active bets. If all your selections within the Bet Builder come true, you win the bet based on the combined odds of all your choices.


Placing a bet on Unibet is a user-friendly process suitable for beginners and experienced gamblers. Users can quickly head through various sports and betting options, including account registration and fund deposition. Unibet provides clear odds and a range of betting types, including the innovative Bet Builder for personalized wagers. 

This feature lets bettors combine predictions into one bet, enhancing the betting experience. It’s crucial, however, to engage in betting responsibly, utilizing Unibet’s tools for responsible gambling and setting personal limits.


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