What Does SGPX Mean On Draftkings? How To Use

If you’re an avid sports bettor or a fantasy sports enthusiast, you may have encountered the term “SGPX” on DraftKings. Understanding what SGPX means and how to use it can significantly enhance your sports betting experience on the platform. 

SGPX Mean On Draftkings

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the world of SGPX on DraftKings, covering topics like what it is, how it works, the difference between SGP and SGPX, the pros and cons of parlays, and whether you should opt for a straight bet or a parlay.

How Does SGPX Work?

Same Game Parlay Extra (SGPx) is a feature that allows you to combine multiple same-game parlays (SGPs) and even single wagers into one massive bet slip. It’s a valuable tool to polish your sports betting strategy, allowing bettors to combine same-game parlays and increase potential payouts while bringing the action to the next level.

1. To place an SGPx bet, add multiple SGPs or single wagers from the same game to your bet slip. Once you’ve added your selections, click “Parlay” to create your SGPx bet.

2. Your SGPx bet will be treated as a single pick in a parlay or round-robin combination, regardless of how many legs are included. This means that all of your selections must win for your SGPx bet to win.

3. The potential payout for an SGPx bet is calculated by multiplying the odds of each selection. The more selections you include in your SGPx bet, the higher the likely payout and the higher the risk.

4. SGPx bets are available for various sports, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer. You can also place SGPx bets on live events.

Here is an example of how to place an SGPx bet:

  1. Go to your sportsbook and select the game you want to bet on.
  2. Click on the “SGPx” tab.
  3. Add the SGPs or single wagers you wish to include to your bet slip.
  4. Click “Parlay” to create your SGPx bet.
  5. Put in your stake and click “Place Bet” to confirm your bet.

If all of your selections win, your SGPx bet will win, and you will receive the payout. If any of your selections lose, your SGPx bet will lose.

How Do SGP Bets Work?

A Game Parlay (SGP) bet is a type of parlay bet that allows you to combine multiple bets from the same game. This can include moneyline bets, spread bets, over/under bets, and player proposition bets.

1. To place an SGP bet, select the bets you want to include in your parlay and add them to your bet slip. Once you have added your bets, click “Parlay” to create your SGP bet.

2. Your SGP bet will be treated as a single pick in a parlay. This means that all of your bets must win for your SGP bet to win. If any of your bets lose, your SGP bet will lose.

3. The potential payout for an SGP bet is checked by multiplying the odds of every bet. The more bets you include in your SGP bet, the higher the likely payout and the higher the risk.

4. SGP bets are available for various sports, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer. You can also place SGP bets on live events.

How To Use SGPX On DraftKings

Below is how to use SGPX on DraftKings

1. Create an Account:

Visit the DraftKings website or you can as well download the mobile app.

Sign up and create an account.

2. Navigate to Contests:

Once logged in, navigate to the “Contests” or “Lobby” section.

3. Choose a Sport and Contest Type:

  • Select the sport you’re interested in (e.g., football, basketball, baseball).
  • Choose the type of contest you want to join (e.g., tournaments, cash games).

4. Draft Your Team:

  • Draft a lineup within the salary cap by selecting players from the available pool.
  • Each player is assigned a salary, and you must stay within the salary cap while building your lineup.

5. Monitor Your Lineup:

Keep track of player injuries, game-time decisions, and other news that might affect your lineup.

6. Enter Contests and Pay Entry Fee:

Choose the contest you want to enter and pay the entry fee. DraftKings offers various contest types with different entry fees and prize structures.

7. Follow the Games:

As the actual games are played, your fantasy team gains points based on the players’ performance in your lineup.

8. Check Results:

After the games are complete, check the results of your contests to see how your lineup performed.

Remember that DFS involves an element of skill but also an element of luck. It’s essential to stay informed about player news, injuries, and other factors impacting player performance.

The Difference Between SGP And SGPX On DraftKings

The key difference between SGP and SGPx on DraftKings is that SGPx bets allow you to combine multiple SGPs and/or single wagers from the same game, while SGP bets only allow you to combine multiple bets from the same game.

Here is a table that summarizes the key differences between SGP and SGPx on DraftKings:

FeatureSame Game Parlay (SGP)Same Game Parlay Extra (SGPx)
Number of selections2-122-12
Can combine SGPs from different games?NoYes
Can combine SGPs and single wagers from the same game?NoYes
Minimum stake$1$1
Maximum payout$1 million$1 million

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The Pros And Cons Of A Parlay On DraftKings

Pros of Parlays:

  • Higher Payouts: Parlays offer the potential for significantly higher payouts compared to single bets, as your winnings multiply with each added selection.
  • Entertainment Value: Combining bets in a parlay can make watching the game more exciting, as multiple outcomes become essential to you.

Cons of Parlays:

  • Higher Risk: Parlays are riskier than single bets, as all of your selected outcomes must win for you to receive a payout.
  • Lower Probability: The more bets you include in a parlay, the lower the probability of winning.
  • No Safety Net: Unlike single bets, where one loss doesn’t impact your entire wager, a single failure in a parlay results in losing the whole bet.

Should You Straight Bet Or Parlay?

Whether you should straight bet or parlay depends on your risk tolerance, betting strategy, and the type of outcome you are looking for. Here are some factors to consider for both types of bets:

Straight Bet:

  1. Consistency: Straight bets are more straightforward and can be less risky. If you have a strong conviction about a single outcome, a straight bet allows you to focus on that specific event.
  2. Risk Management: With a straight bet, you are risking less because you’re only wagering on one outcome. This can be beneficial if you want to manage your risk more conservatively.
  3. Payouts: While payouts for straight bets may be lower compared to parlays, winning a straight bet is generally more achievable, making it a reliable option for consistent, smaller profits.


  1. Higher Payouts: Parlays offer higher potential payouts since you are combining multiple bets into one. If all your selections win, the overall payout can be more significant than if you had placed individual straight bets.
  2. Risk and Reward: The downside is that all of your selections must win for the parlay to be successful. This increases the risk, but it also enhances the potential reward.
  3. Entertainment Value: Parlays can be more exciting as they involve multiple events. If you enjoy the thrill of following several games or events simultaneously, a parlay might be more appealing.

Considerations for Both:

  1. Knowledge and Research: Regardless of the type of bet, thorough research and understanding of the teams or players involved, as well as the odds, are crucial.
  2. Bankroll Management: Be mindful of your bankroll. Don’t risk more than you can afford to lose, and consider how each type of bet fits into your overall betting strategy.
  3. Goals and Preferences: Define your betting goals. If you’re looking for consistent, smaller wins, straight bets may be more suitable. If you’re comfortable with higher risk for a shot at a bigger payday, parlays might be more attractive.

Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Some bettors prefer the stability of straight bets, while others are drawn to the allure of parlay payouts. It’s important to understand the dynamics of each type of bet and choose the one that aligns with your preferences and risk tolerance.


In conclusion, navigating the Same Game Parlay Extra (SGPx) world on DraftKings opens up exciting possibilities for sports bettors. This feature allows you to combine multiple Same Game Parlays (SGPs) and single wagers from the same game into one comprehensive bet slip, providing an avenue for increased potential payouts and an enhanced betting experience.

When using SGPx on DraftKings, you can add multiple selections to your bet slip, spanning various bet types and sports. The process involves:

  • Selecting your preferred bets.
  • Creating a parlay.
  • Understanding that all included selections must win for the SGPx bet to succeed.

The potential payouts rise with each added selection, but so does the level of risk.

It’s essential to differentiate between SGP and SGPx on DraftKings. While SGP bets allow you to combine multiple bets from the same game, SGPx takes it a step further by enabling the combination of SGPs from different games and even single wagers from the same game. This distinction expands the possibilities for bettors, offering a more versatile and dynamic betting experience.

Whether to opt for a straight bet or a parlay, each has its own pros and cons. Straight bets provide consistency and lower risk, making them suitable for those seeking steadier, albeit smaller, profits. On the other hand, parlays offer higher payouts and increased excitement but come with higher risk and lower probability.

Ultimately, choosing between a straight bet and a parlay depends on your preferences, risk tolerance, and betting goals. Conduct thorough research, practice responsible bankroll management, and align your betting strategy with your objectives. Whether you prefer the reliability of straight bets or the thrill of chasing bigger payouts with parlays, DraftKings’ SGPx feature provides a platform for an engaging and dynamic sports betting experience.


1. What’s the main advantage of using SGPX over SGP on DraftKings? 

SGPX offers more flexibility by allowing you to mix different bet types within the same game, while SGP restricts you to specific predefined bet types.

2. Are parlays a good betting strategy for beginners? 

Parlays can be riskier for beginners due to the need for multiple outcomes to win. It’s essential to understand the increased risk before using them extensively.

3. Can I use SGPX on any sporting event on DraftKings? 

SGPX availability may vary depending on the sporting event and the specific bets DraftKings offers. Check the platform for eligible events and bet types.

4. How do I calculate potential winnings for an SGPX bet? 

DraftKings will calculate your potential payout as you add bets to your slip. The total payout depends on the odds associated with each selection.

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