Top 10 Sport Betting Apps In Georgia

Sports betting has evolved from traditional bookies to a plethora of online platforms. Georgia, with its growing interest in online gambling, is no exception. The Peach State offers a selection of top-tier sport betting apps for both seasoned punters and beginners.

Top 10 Sport Betting Apps In Georgia

But with so many options, which ones stand out? Let’s dive into the top 10 sport betting apps in Georgia, but first, let’s address some frequently asked questions about the legal landscape and the process of online gambling in the state.

How To Gamble Online In Georgia?

  1. Research and Choose a Platform: Before anything, do your due diligence. Check reviews, licenses, and security measures.
  2. Registration: Sign up using your authentic details. Some apps might require identity verification for added security.
  3. Deposit Funds: Most apps offer a variety of payment methods. Choose the one that’s most convenient for you.
  4. Explore and Bet: Familiarize yourself with the platform, explore the sports offered, and place your bets.
  5. Withdraw Winnings: After winning, you can typically withdraw your funds directly to your bank account or other withdrawal methods provided.

Top 10 Sport Betting Apps in Georgia:

1. BetGeorgia Pro

BetGeorgia Pro prides itself on delivering a top-tier betting experience. The platform’s intuitive interface ensures that both new and seasoned punters can navigate with ease. With a diverse range of sports and events covered, it truly is a one-stop shop for betting enthusiasts in Georgia.

2. Georgian Gamez

GeorgianGamez stands out with its blend of attractive odds and regular promotions. Catering to a broad audience, from beginners to professionals, the platform focuses on delivering value. Their unique odds system and special bonuses ensure that users always get the best deals on their bets.

3. PeachBets

PeachBets revolutionizes the betting experience with its live streaming feature. Bettors can now watch their favorite sports events in real-time, adding to the thrill of the game. The platform also offers in-play betting, letting users place bets while the action unfolds.

4. Caucasus Wager

With Caucasus Wager, data is king. The platform offers comprehensive analytics, ensuring punters have all the stats they need to make informed decisions. Whether you’re a fan of football, basketball, or tennis, their data-centric approach provides a unique edge.

5. Tbilisi Tips

Tbilisi Tips zeroes in on the world’s most popular sport: football. The platform offers exclusive insights, tips, and predictions, catering especially to soccer fans. With a rich database of player stats and team histories, it’s the perfect companion for football enthusiasts.

6. Black Sea Bets

Black Sea Bets is a gem for those interested in sea sports and water-based events. The app covers a niche that’s often overlooked, from yachting competitions to water polo. Their specialized focus ensures that aficionados of water sports always have a place to bet.

7. Gamarjveba Games

Embracing the essence of its name, Gamarjveba Games emphasizes wins. The platform is particularly beginner-friendly, offering insightful tips and guidance. With a high win rate and user testimonials, it’s a beacon of hope for those new to the betting world.

8. Sakartvelo SportsBet

Sakartvelo SportsBet brings Georgian pride to the forefront. Focusing on local sports and leagues, the app allows users to support and bet on homegrown talent. From regional championships to traditional Georgian sports events, they offer comprehensive coverage.

9. Alaverdi Athletics

Alaverdi Athletics pays homage to Georgia’s rich history while embracing modern sports trends. Users can bet on traditional sports events and delve into the world of e-sports. It’s a perfect blend of the past and present, catering to a diverse audience.

10. Kartli Kick-off

Kartli Kick-off recognizes Georgia’s passion for rugby. The platform is tailored to cater to rugby fans, offering in-depth analysis, odds, and tips for matches. With its user-centric design, rugby enthusiasts can stay updated and place bets seamlessly.

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Is Sports Betting Legal In Georgia?

While Georgia has traditionally been conservative regarding gambling, there’s been a growing momentum for the legalization of sports betting. As of now, it’s crucial to stay updated with the state’s legal guidelines. Always opt for platforms that operate within the confines of the law, ensuring your safety and the security of your funds.


While the sports betting landscape in Georgia is evolving, there’s no shortage of top-notch apps for enthusiasts to choose from. Whether you’re in it for the thrill, the strategy, or just some casual fun, there’s something in the Georgian digital betting world for everyone. Always remember to gamble responsibly and stay updated with the latest legal guidelines.



  1. What is the legal gambling age in Georgia?
  • The legal gambling age is typically 21, but always refer to state-specific regulations to be sure.
  1. Are winnings from sports betting taxable in Georgia?
  • Yes, like most income, winnings from sports betting are usually taxable. Consult with a tax professional for specifics.
  1. Can I bet on any sport using Georgian betting apps?
  • Most apps offer a wide range of sports, but availability might vary. Always check the specific platform for their offerings.
  1. How do I know if a sports betting app in Georgia is secure?
  • Always look for licensing information, user reviews, and any security certifications.
  1. Do betting apps offer bonuses or promotions?
  • Many apps offer promotions for new users and ongoing bonuses for regular punters.
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