What Sports Do South Africans Bet On in 2024?

In the vibrant world of South African sports, the thrill of betting has found a significant place among fans. In 2024, the country’s sports betting landscape is more dynamic than ever. This is especially due to the spread of online betting South Africa. These sites have not only made betting more accessible but also diversified the range of sports on which South Africans place their bets.

What Sports Do South Africans Bet On in 2024?

Let’s dive into the top sports that are capturing the attention of bettors across the nation.


Soccer takes the lead in betting preferences among South Africans despite rugby’s stronghold on the fans’ hearts. The fervour for soccer betting spans from local league matches to the high-octane European football scene.

This widespread enthusiasm can be attributed to the global appeal of soccer, making it a hotbed for betting activities. Bettors find soccer appealing for the love of the game and the myriad betting possibilities, from match outcomes to point spreads.

Rugby Union

Rugby union holds a special place in the hearts of South Africans, mirrored in the betting world. That’s because they are good at it: the Springboks, South Africa’s national team, are the reigning World Champion.

Rugby’s intense physicality and strategic gameplay make it a favourite among bettors. Major tournaments, especially those involving the Springboks, see a surge in betting activities. Fans are eager to support their team and earn some winnings.


Cricket’s popularity in South Africa transcends the pitch, finding a following among bettors. The national team’s matches draw significant betting interest, particularly in international tournaments.

The excitement isn’t confined to local matches; top leagues from India, where cricket is almost a religion, also see a lot of betting action. This global interest underscores the sport’s universal appeal.


South Africa may not be a basketball powerhouse – but the US is. The NBA has garnered a substantial betting following in the country. The sport’s fast-paced nature and star-studded teams make it an attractive option for bettors.NBA games are intense and unpredictable and offer betting opportunities that are hard to resist.


Field hockey, simply known as hockey in South Africa, rounds off the list of popular sports for betting. The sport enjoys a dedicated fan base and bettors who appreciate the skill and strategy involved in the game. Betting on hockey matches adds extra excitement for fans, making it a notable mention in the sports betting scene.

In 2024, South African bettors still love local sports like soccer and rugby. But they’re also betting on sports worldwide, like cricket and basketball. Online betting gives South Africans more choices on where to place their bets. This mix of local and international sports makes betting more exciting. It also links South African bettors with sports fans across the globe.

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