Al Ahli Saudi vs Al Nassr Highlights, AHL 0-1 NAS, Saudi Pro League: Ronaldo scores match-winning penalty

Al Ahli Saudi vs Al Nassr Highlights: Key moments from the Al Ahli vs Al Nassr match in the Saudi Pro League, hosted at Jeddah’s King Abdullah Sports City Stadium.

Al Ahli Saudi vs Al Nassr Highlights
Credit: Sporting News

Match Updates

Final Whistle!

Al Nassr secures the win, courtesy of Cristiano Ronaldo’s penalty. Despite both teams having goals disallowed by VAR, Nassr dominated the second half and earned the victory.

Although Al Ahli showed promise towards the end, they needed help and couldn’t convert their opportunities.

Injury Time:

  • 90+12′: Otavio blocks a crucial chance.
  • 90+12′: Mahrez positions for a free-kick on the edge.
  • 90+10′: Ahli awarded a free-kick in a threatening area due to Laporte’s foul.
  • 90+9′: Mahrez’s header from Al Rahsidi’s long ball misses the target.
  • 90+5′: Nassr slows down the game, focusing on defence.
  • 90′: Ten minutes of added time announced.

Late Game:

  • 88′: Al Najei thwarts Mahrez’s long shot with a brilliant tackle.
  • 87′: Ospina catches Ibanez’s header.
  • 85′: Kessie’s weak header from Alammar’s cross is easily saved.
  • 84′: Ronaldo sets up Brozovic for a long shot, but it misses.
  • 82′: Telles’s deflected pass lands to Al Najei, who fails to score.

Second Half:

  • 79′: Alnabit’s cross leads to a corner after a deflection.
  • 77′: Mahrez’s shot is blocked by Telles after a pass from Firmino.
  • 73′: Mahrez’s pass inside is intercepted by Ghareeb.
  • 68′: Ronaldo successfully converts the penalty, scoring for Nassr.
  • 67′: Nassr awarded a penalty after Ibanez’s late tackle.
  • 57′: Firmino’s goal is disallowed by VAR after a pass from Mahrez.

First Half Highlights:

  • 55′: Nassr pressurizes, but Ahli holds firm.
  • 47′: Ronaldo misses a major opportunity inside the box.
  • Half-time: VAR disallows Ronaldo’s goal; neither team is yet to score officially.
  • 42′: Ronaldo’s goal disallowed for offside.
  • 37′: Ahli nearly scores, hitting the crossbar from Mahrez’s corner.
  • 35′: Firmino and Maxim attempt a play but lose possession.
  • 30′: Kessie and Mahrez try to break through but are intercepted.
  • 25′: Ronaldo misses a crucial header from Telles’s cross.
  • 19′: Saint-Maxim loses the ball while dribbling at the edge of the box.
  • 12′: Ibanez receives a yellow card for a foul on Mane.
  • 10′: Mane’s pace is checked by Ahli’s defence.
  • 6′: Telles stops Mahrez with a crucial tackle inside the box.


  • The match kicks off, setting the stage for a tight league contest.
  • Both teams are announced, setting the expectations for a thrilling game.


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