Can I Use BetMGM in Georgia?

Exploring the availability of online betting platforms in different states can be complex, given the varying legal landscapes across the United States.

This blog post aims to clarify the status of BetMGM in Georgia, a state known for its stringent gambling laws, and to provide residents with up-to-date information on what they can and cannot do regarding online gambling.

One platform that often comes under scrutiny is BetMGM, a popular choice among betting enthusiasts.

Whether BetMGM is accessible and legal for residents or visitors in Georgia deserves attention, especially with the growing interest in sports betting and online gambling.

BetMGM in Georgia

Overview of BetMGM

BetMGM is a comprehensive online betting platform that has grown to become one of the leading figures in the digital gambling industry.

A joint venture between MGM Resorts International and Entain Plc, BetMGM combines these two giants’ hospitality and gaming expertise to provide a wide array of betting options.

The platform is known for its user-friendly interface, extensive range of betting markets, and robust security measures.

Offering services such as sports betting, online casino games, and poker, BetMGM caters to a diverse audience of gamblers.

Sports enthusiasts can find various sports to bet on, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and more, with multiple betting types like money lines, spreads, and over/under.

The platform also offers live betting, allowing users to bet on events unfolding in real time.

In addition to sports betting, BetMGM provides a rich selection of online casino games, including slots, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, offering classic and modern variations.

Poker players can enjoy different formats and tournaments, catering to beginners and seasoned players.

Online Gambling Laws in Georgia

Georgia is known for having some of the strictest gambling laws in the United States; most forms of gambling, including online gambling, remain illegal in the state.

The legal framework in Georgia does not currently support casino operations, sports betting, or online gambling platforms. This includes a lack of legal support for online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms.

The only legal forms of gambling in Georgia are the state lottery, bingo, and raffles for charitable purposes. The state lottery includes traditional draw games and instant games, primarily aimed at funding educational programs within the state.

However, when it comes to more conventional forms of gambling, such as casinos or sports betting, the state has not legislated to permit these activities.

Efforts have been made to change the laws and introduce sports betting and casino gambling, but as of the last updates, none have passed into law.

This means platforms like BetMGM cannot legally operate within the state to offer sports betting or casino gaming services.

Residents of Georgia who wish to engage in legal gambling activities are limited to the few options sanctioned by state law and must travel to other states where gambling is permitted to participate in those activities.

Can I Use BetMGM in Georgia?

BetMGM cannot legally operate in Georgia regarding online sports betting, casino games, or poker due to the state’s stringent gambling laws.

Georgia’s legal framework does not currently allow for any form of online gambling, sports betting, or commercial casino operations, which directly impacts the availability of platforms like BetMGM.

Residents of Georgia are, therefore, unable to use BetMGM for online gambling within state lines. This includes betting on sports, playing casino games, or participating in online poker through the platform.

Georgia’s only legal gambling options remain the state lottery, bingo, and raffles for charitable purposes.

For Georgia residents interested in using BetMGM or engaging in other forms of online betting, traveling to a state where such activities are legal remains the only compliant option.

Individuals need to adhere to the local laws and regulations regarding gambling to avoid legal issues.

Alternatives to BetMGM in Georgia

Since traditional online gambling platforms like BetMGM are not legally available in Georgia due to the state’s stringent gambling laws, residents looking for legal alternatives must consider other options.

Here are some alternatives that comply with Georgia’s gambling regulations:

  1. State Lottery: The Georgia Lottery offers various games, including scratch-off tickets and draw games like Mega Millions and Powerball. This is the most widespread legal gambling option available in the state, with proceeds often supporting educational initiatives.
  2. Charitable Gambling: In Georgia, legal gambling extends to bingo and raffles conducted by nonprofit organizations. These events are regulated but provide a legal avenue for gambling while benefiting charitable causes.
  3. Fantasy Sports: While not considered gambling under most state laws, including Georgia, daily fantasy sports (DFS) platforms like DraftKings and FanDuel operate in a gray area and are accessible to residents. These platforms allow players to create fantasy teams and compete based on the real-world performances of athletes.
  4. Pari-Mutuel Betting on Horse Racing: Although there are no operational race tracks in Georgia, residents can participate in pari-mutuel betting at off-track betting (OTB) facilities, if any are available, though this is subject to strict regulations.
  5. Social Casinos: Online social casino sites and apps offer a variety of casino-style games, including slots and table games, but use virtual currency instead of real money. These platforms, such as DoubleDown, Big Fish, and Slotomania, are legal in Georgia since they do not constitute gambling traditionally.
  6. Travel to Nearby Legal States: Residents of Georgia who wish to participate in traditional casino gambling or sports betting can travel to states where such activities are legal. Neighboring states may offer full-scale casinos, sports betting, or both, allowing Georgia residents to engage in these activities legally.
  7. Sweepstakes Casinos and Poker Sites: These operate on a sweepstakes model and are available in most US states, including Georgia. Sites like Chumba Casino and Global Poker offer games where players can win real prizes without directly wagering money.

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Future of Online Gambling in Georgia

The future of online gambling in Georgia remains uncertain, but several factors and trends could influence its direction:

  1. Legislative Efforts: Various legislative attempts have been made to legalize sports betting and other forms of gambling in Georgia. While these efforts have not yet resulted in significant changes, continued interest from lawmakers and stakeholders could lead to new bills being introduced and debated in the state legislature. The outcome of these efforts will significantly impact the future of online gambling in the state.
  2. Economic Factors: Economic considerations, such as potential revenue from gambling taxes and licensing fees, could be crucial in the push for legalized online gambling. As neighboring states begin to reap financial benefits from legalized gambling, Georgia may feel increased pressure to follow suit to avoid losing potential revenue to those states.
  3. Public Opinion: Changes in public opinion could also influence the future of online gambling in Georgia. If public support for legalized gambling increases, lawmakers may be more inclined to consider legislation to legalize and regulate online gambling.
  4. Technological Advances and Market Demand: As technology advances and the demand for online gambling options grows, there may be increased pressure to update and adapt the legal framework to accommodate these changes and meet consumer demand.
  5. Precedents Set by Other States: Legalizing online gambling in other states, especially those close to Georgia, could set a precedent and create a domino effect, encouraging Georgia to reconsider its stance on online gambling.
  6. Responsible Gambling Measures: Adopting comprehensive, reliable gambling measures could help alleviate some concerns associated with gambling legalization. If lawmakers and the public can be assured that there are effective mechanisms in place to prevent and address problem gambling, there may be more support for legalization.


The current legal climate in Georgia maintains a firm stance against online gambling, thereby restricting the operation of platforms like BetMGM within state boundaries.

This reality presents a notable limitation for residents longing to engage in sports betting, online casino games, or poker.

However, the landscape of gambling laws in the United States is ever-evolving, and there’s a possibility for change as discussions and legislative efforts continue.

Until legal modifications are enacted, Georgians are advised to respect the existing regulations and explore legal alternatives such as the state lottery or charitable gambling events.

The hope for a more inclusive legal framework for online gambling remains fueled by ongoing debates and the potential for future legislative developments.


Is online gambling legal in Georgia?

No, online gambling is currently illegal in Georgia. This includes online sports betting, casino games, and poker.

Can I use BetMGM in Georgia?

No, BetMGM and other online gambling platforms cannot legally operate in Georgia due to state gambling laws.

Are there any legal forms of gambling in Georgia?

Yes, the legal forms of gambling in Georgia include the state lottery, bingo, and raffles for charitable purposes.

Can I participate in sports betting in Georgia?

No, online and offline sports betting is currently illegal in Georgia.

Are fantasy sports legal in Georgia?

Daily fantasy sports operate in a gray area and are generally considered legal in Georgia, as they are not classified as gambling under current laws.

What can I do to gamble legally while living in or visiting Georgia?

Residents and visitors can participate in the state lottery, engage in charitable bingo and raffles, or travel to nearby states where gambling is legal.

Will online gambling ever become legal in Georgia?

The future of online gambling in Georgia is uncertain and depends on changes in state legislation. While there have been discussions and proposals, no laws have yet been enacted to legalize online gambling.

What are the penalties for illegal gambling in Georgia?

Penalties for illegal gambling in Georgia can include fines and imprisonment, depending on the severity of the offense.

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