Does BetMGM Have Teasers?

The world of sports betting is ever-evolving, offering enthusiasts many ways to engage with their favorite games and tournaments.

Among the many options available, teaser bets hold a special place for those looking to add a layer of strategy to their betting experience.

Does BetMGM offer teasers:

The answer is a resounding yes. Teaser bets, known for allowing bettors to adjust point spreads and totals in their favor, are part of BetMGM’s extensive betting portfolio.

As a leading name in the industry, BetMGM is often queried about the inclusion of teaser bets on its platform.

Understanding the offerings of significant sportsbooks like BetMGM is crucial for bettors aiming to maximize their chances of winning.

This feature allows seasoned punters and newcomers alike to tailor their bets on football and basketball games, providing a flexible betting strategy that can lead to significant payouts.

With BetMGM‘s user-friendly interface, placing a teaser bet is straightforward, making it accessible for bettors of all levels to dive confidently into the nuanced world of sports betting.

Does BetMGM Have Teasers

What Are Teasers?

Teasers are a type of sports bet that allows bettors to combine two or more picks into a single bet, similar to a parlay, but with a twist: it gives the bettor the advantage of adjusting the point spread or totals line in their favor for a lower payout.

Typically used in football and basketball, teasers add an absorbing strategic layer to betting.

When you place a teaser, you’re essentially buying points to shift the line, making the outcomes you need to happen more likely, but at the expense of reducing the potential payout compared to a standard parlay.

For example, if the original point spreads in a football game are -7 for Team A and +3 for Team B, a bettor could use a teaser to adjust these lines by a certain number of points, say 6 points, making the new lines -1 for Team A and +9 for Team B.

This adjustment increases the bettor’s chances of winning but, as mentioned, reduces the overall payout. Teasers require all the individual bets, or “legs,” to win for the teaser bet to pay out, just like parlays.

This type of bet is particularly appealing because it offers a buffer against losses that can come with close games, making it a favored strategy among those looking to mitigate risk while enjoying the thrill of sports betting.

Overview of BetMGM’s Betting Options

BetMGM stands as a titan in the sports betting industry, offering an expansive range of betting options catering to novice and experienced bettors.

This platform is well-regarded for its comprehensive selection of sports covering domestic and international leagues, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, and many others.

BetMGM distinguishes itself with a depth of market that few competitors can match, allowing bettors to engage in various types of bets such as money lines, point spreads, totals (over/under), futures, props, and live betting.

One of the hallmark features of BetMGM is its inclusion of teaser bets, particularly popular in NFL and NBA betting, which allows users to adjust point spreads and totals to their favor.

Beyond teasers, BetMGM is innovative in its offerings of parlay betting options, including same-game parlays, which have become a staple among sports bettors looking for high-reward betting scenarios.

The platform’s user interface is designed to be intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate through the myriad of betting options, access detailed betting information, and quickly place bets.

Moreover, BetMGM is recognized for its live betting options, allowing bettors to place bets on games as they happen.

This feature adds an extra layer of excitement and strategy, as odds and options update in real-time based on the action unfolding in the game.

In addition to sports betting, BetMGM offers access to casino games and poker for those in jurisdictions where these activities are legal, making it a comprehensive gambling destination.

With robust security measures, competitive odds, and a wide array of betting options, BetMGM provides a premier betting experience that appeals to a broad spectrum of bettors.

Does BetMGM Have Teasers?

Yes, BetMGM does offer teasers as part of its sports betting options.

Teaser bets allow bettors to adjust the point spreads or totals in their favor for multiple games, typically in football and basketball.

This type of bet is beautiful to those looking to increase their chances of winning by modifying the lines, albeit for a lower payout than standard parlays.

BetMGM allows bettors to choose how many points they want to adjust the spread by, enabling a strategic approach to betting on their favorite sports.

With its user-friendly platform, BetMGM makes placing teaser bets straightforward, allowing both seasoned bettors and newcomers to take advantage of this betting strategy.

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How to Place a Teaser Bet on BetMGM

Placing a teaser bet on BetMGM is a straightforward process designed to be user-friendly, even for those new to sports betting.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

  1. Log In or Sign Up: First, log into your BetMGM account. If you don’t have an account yet, you must sign up by providing the necessary details and completing the verification process.
  2. Navigate to the Sports Section: Once logged in, navigate to the sports betting section of BetMGM. Here, you’ll find a wide array of sports and events available for betting.
  3. Select Your Sport: Choose the sport you want to place a teaser bet on. Teasers are most commonly available for football and basketball, but it’s worth checking if other sports offer them.
  4. Pick Your Games: Browse the available games and select the ones you want to include in your teaser. Remember, a teaser bet requires picking two or more games.
  5. Choose the Teaser Option: After selecting the games, look for the option to place a teaser bet. Depending on the interface, this might be in a dropdown menu or a separate tab,
  6. Adjust the Points: Once you’ve chosen to place a teaser, you can adjust the point spreads or totals for the games you’ve selected. BetMGM will show you how many points you can adjust and how this affects the odds.
  7. Enter Your Stake: With your games selected and your points adjusted, enter the money you wish to wager on the teaser. The potential payout will be displayed based on the adjusted lines and your stake.
  8. Review and Place Your Bet: Before finalizing your bet, review all the details carefully, including the games selected, the point adjustments, and the stake. If everything looks good, confirm and place your teaser bet.
  9. Track Your Bet: After placing your bet, you can track its progress in your account’s ‘My Bets’ section. Here, you’ll see live updates on the games included in your teaser and whether you’re on track to win.


Concluding our discussion on BetMGM and its offerings, it’s clear that this platform indeed provides teaser bets, enhancing the betting experience for those who prefer this strategic approach to sports wagering.

Teaser bets, allowing for the adjustment of point spreads and totals, offer a unique way for bettors to engage with football and basketball games, among others.

BetMGM’s user-friendly interface ensures that placing these bets is straightforward and accessible, catering to seasoned bettors and newcomers alike.

With a comprehensive selection of sports, competitive odds, and various betting options, BetMGM stands out as a top choice for anyone looking to dive into sports betting with teasers or any other betting style.


Can I place teaser bets on any sport?

Teaser bets are primarily available for football and basketball due to the nature of their scoring systems. However, availability for other sports can vary, so it’s worth checking BetMGM’s current offerings.

How do I place a teaser bet on BetMGM?

To place a teaser bet, log into your BetMGM account, select the games you’re interested in from the sports section, choose the teaser option, adjust the points as desired, enter your stake, and confirm your bet.

What are the minimum and maximum numbers of games I can include in a teaser bet?

The minimum number of games (or legs) in a teaser bet is typically two, but the maximum can vary. BetMGM provides guidelines on the maximum number of selections you can include in a teaser.

How many points can I adjust in a teaser bet?

The number of points you can adjust depends on the sport and the specific rules BetMGM has in place for teasers. This information is made clear when you are placing your bet.

Are there any restrictions on placing teaser bets on BetMGM?

There may be restrictions based on the sport, league, or specific games. Additionally, BetMGM might have betting limits and rules on calculating teaser odds, so it’s essential to review these before placing your bet.

Can I place teaser bets on live games?

Teaser bets are generally placed on pre-game markets. The availability of live betting as part of teasers may be limited and is subject to BetMGM’s current offerings and betting rules.

How does BetMGM calculate the payout for a teaser bet?

The payout for a teaser bet is calculated based on the adjusted odds after the point spread or total has been moved. The more points you adjust the spread, the lower the payout.

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