The 10 Best Online Cricket Betting Apps in India

Cricket has always had a remarkable place in the hearts of millions of Indian fans, making it more than just a sport. It is a source of unending excitement and national pride, and a reason for communities to unite. However, with the advent of technology, cricket enthusiasts in India are now not only limited to cheering from the sidelines but can actively participate in the game through online cricket betting.

The digital revolution has made way for many online cricket betting apps, offering fans an immersive and exhilarating experience right at their fingertips. These apps provide a platform to engage in thrilling wagers, placing bets on their favorite teams, players, and match outcomes. But with so many options present, it becomes crucial to identify the top contenders in this competitive landscape. 

This article will bring you an in-depth exploration of the 10 Best online cricket betting apps in India. We have meticulously analyzed their features, security, user interface, payment methods, and overall user experience, enabling you to decide when to choose the perfect betting app for your cricket passion.

Cricket Betting Apps

Legal Considerations for Online Cricket Betting in India:

Regarding online cricket betting in India, it’s essential to understand the legal landscape to ensure compliance and a safe betting experience. Here are some legal considerations:

  1. Gambling Laws in India: The Public Gambling Act of 1867 primarily governs the Gambling laws in India. This act prohibits the operation of physical gambling houses or establishments. However, it does not specifically address online gambling or betting.
  2. Skill-based vs Chance-based: There is a disparity between games of chance and skill in India. While games of skill are considered legal, games predominantly based on events, like lotteries or casino games, are generally prohibited. Cricket betting is often considered a game of skill, as it involves knowledge, analysis, and understanding of the sport.
  3. State Regulations: Gambling laws can vary from state to state in India. Some states have specific regulations regarding gambling and betting activities, while others follow a more relaxed approach. It’s vital to be aware of the rules specific to your state.
  4. Online Betting Platforms: Many online cricket betting platforms operate outside India, where gambling regulations might be more favorable. These platforms cater to Indian users and offer various betting options. Users must ensure that the forum they choose operates legally and is compliant with the laws of their jurisdiction.
  5. Payment Restrictions: Due to the legal complexities surrounding online gambling, some financial institutions in India may restrict transactions related to gambling activities. You must be aware of any payment restrictions or guidelines imposed by your bank or payment service provider.
  6. Responsible Gambling: Practicing responsible gambling is crucial regardless of legal status. Set limits on your betting activities, gamble with money you can bear to lose, and avoid chasing losses. Gambling should be for fun rather than a source of income.

 The 10 Best Online cricket betting apps in India

  1. Betway: Betway is a renowned name in the online betting industry, offering a comprehensive platform for cricket enthusiasts. With a user-friendly interface and various betting options, Betway ensures an enjoyable experience. The app provides live streaming of matches, allowing users to stay updated and make informed bets. Betway offers competitive odds, secure payment options, and 24/7 customer support, making it a trusted choice among Indian bettors.
  2. 10Cric: Focused primarily on the Indian market, 10Cric is a famous cricket betting app offering diverse betting options. The platform covers various cricket events, from international matches to domestic leagues like the Indian Premier League (IPL). It’s intuitive interface and seamless navigation allow users to quickly explore different markets and place their bets. 10Cric also provides enticing promotions and bonuses, enhancing the overall betting experience.
  3. Bet365: This is a global leader in online betting, and its cricket betting app lives up to the company’s reputation. The app features various cricket markets, including live betting options. Bet365 offers live streaming of matches, enabling users to watch and bet simultaneously. The app’s clean design and smooth performance make it popular among cricket bettors. Additionally, Bet365 provides competitive odds and reliable customer support.
  4. 1xBet: 1xBet is a well-established online betting platform that offers a dedicated cricket betting app for Indian users. The app covers various cricket events, including international matches, domestic leagues, and smaller tournaments. With its user-friendly interface and extensive betting options, 1xBet caters to casual bettors and experienced punters. The app also supports multiple payment methods, ensuring convenient and secure transactions.
  5. Parimatch: This is a relatively new player in the Indian market but has quickly gained popularity among cricket betting enthusiasts. The app offers a seamless and intuitive interface, making navigating through different betting markets easy. Parimatch covers significant cricket events and provides competitive odds. The app also offers special promotions and bonuses, enhancing the betting experience.
  6. Betfair: Betfair is a renowned name in the world of online betting, and its cricket betting app is no exception. The app provides various cricket markets, including pre-match and in-play betting options. Betfair’s innovative exchange platform allows users to place bets against other users, providing a unique and engaging betting experience. The app also offers live streaming and detailed match statistics for informed decision-making.
  7. 22Bet: 22Bet is a popular online betting platform offering a dedicated cricket betting app in India. The app features a user-friendly interface and a vast selection of cricket markets. 22Bet covers various cricket events, including international matches and domestic leagues. The app also provides competitive odds and attractive promotions, ensuring a rewarding betting experience for users.
  8. Dafabet: Dafabet is a trusted online betting platform that offers a reliable app for cricket enthusiasts in India. The app provides a comprehensive range of cricket betting options, including live betting and cash-out features. Dafabet offers competitive odds and a user-friendly interface, making it simple for users to bet on their favorite teams and players.
  9. LeoVegas: LeoVegas, primarily known for its casino offerings, also provides a cricket betting app that caters to Indian users. The app offers a diverse range of cricket markets, including both international and domestic matches. LeoVegas ensures a seamless user experience with its intuitive interface and smooth navigation. The app also provides live streaming and attractive promotions, making it popular among cricket bettors.
  10. Royal Panda: Royal Panda is an online betting platform offering a dedicated cricket betting app in India. The app provides an extensive selection of cricket markets, covering significant events and leagues. Royal Panda ensures a user-friendly interface and secure payment options. The app also offers competitive odds and regular promotions, enhancing the betting experience.


The availability of online cricket betting apps has revolutionized how Indian fans engage with the sport. These apps provide a convenient and immersive platform for users to bet on their favorite cricket matches. From established names like Betway and Bet365 to emerging platforms like Parimatch and 22Bet, numerous options exist.

Consider your preferences, features, and overall user experience when selecting an online cricket betting app that best suits your needs. Remember to bet responsibly and enjoy the thrilling world of cricket betting with these top platforms.

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