Top 10 Betting Sites in Africa 2023: Best African Bookmarkers

Africa has experienced a significant surge in the world of sports betting over the past decade, with many African nations emerging as notable players in the global betting market.

This growth is spurred by the rising passion for sports, especially football, an improvement in internet penetration, and the increasing accessibility of smartphones. As 2023 rolls in, many bettors across the continent are on the lookout for the best betting platforms. This guide will help you navigate the bustling landscape of betting sites in Africa.

Betting Sites in Africa

The Rise of Online Betting in Africa

The rise of online betting in Africa has been nothing short of remarkable. Over the past decade, the continent has seen a significant increase in the number of people participating in online gambling activities. This can be attributed to several factors, including increased internet penetration, improved access to smartphones, and a growing interest in sports and entertainment.

One of the main reasons for the surge in online betting is the convenience it offers. With just a few clicks, African bettors can now place their bets on various sporting events from their homes. This eliminates the need to travel to physical bookmakers or casinos, saving both time and money. Additionally, online betting sites provide a wide range of options, allowing users to choose from different sports and markets.

Another factor contributing to the rise of online betting in Africa is the potential for financial gain. Many African countries have experienced economic growth in recent years, increasing disposable income among citizens. Online betting presents an opportunity for individuals to potentially earn extra income through successful predictions and wagers. This allure of financial rewards has attracted many Africans to try their luck in online gambling.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Betting Site in Africa

When it comes to choosing a betting site in Africa, there are several factors that you should consider. One of the most important factors is the legality and licensing of the site. It is crucial to ensure that the betting site you choose operates legally and holds the necessary licenses in your country. This will not only protect your personal information and funds but also ensure fair play and transparency.

Another factor to consider is the reputation and trustworthiness of the betting site. You want to choose a site that has a solid track record and positive reviews from other users. Look for sites that have been operating for a while and have built a good reputation within the industry. Additionally, check if they have any certifications or awards that demonstrate their commitment to providing a safe and reliable betting experience.

In addition to legality and reputation, it’s important to consider the range of sports and markets offered by the betting site.

A good betting site should offer a wide variety of sports, including popular ones like football, basketball, tennis, and cricket, as well as niche sports that may be of interest to you. Furthermore, they should provide a diverse range of markets within each sport, allowing you to bet on different outcomes such as match winners, goal scorers, or even specific events within a game.

  1. Betway Africa

Countries of operation: Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, and more.

Why it stands out: Betway has established itself as a leading name in online sports betting in Africa. It offers a clean interface, live in-game betting, and a wide range of sports markets, including local leagues.

  1. NairaBet

Country of operation: Nigeria

Why it stands out: As one of Nigeria’s first and most trusted betting platforms, NairaBet offers competitive odds, a user-friendly platform, and commendable customer service.

  1. SportPesa

Countries of operation: Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa.

Why it stands out: SportPesa is known for its deep roots in Kenyan football and offers bettors vast betting options, from football to tennis, with some of the best odds in the market.

  1. Bet9ja

Country of operation: Nigeria

Why it stands out: With its remarkable online presence and widespread agent network across Nigeria, Bet9ja offers a seamless betting experience, complete with virtual games and live betting options.

  1. SupaBet

Countries of operation: Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, and more.

Why it stands out: SupaBet offers competitive odds across a variety of sports, and its rapid growth across Africa testifies to its reliability and excellent service delivery.

  1. BetKing

Country of operation: Nigeria

Why it stands out: A rapidly rising star in the Nigerian betting landscape, BetKing boasts of a user-friendly interface, numerous betting markets, and a vast virtual play arena.

  1. 1xBet Africa

Countries of operation: Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, and more.

Why it stands out: 1xBet provides an extensive array of betting opportunities in sports and TV games, lotteries, and more.

  1. Hollywoodbets

Country of operation: South Africa

Why it stands out: A stalwart in the South African betting scene, Hollywoodbets is loved for its horse racing options, extensive sports markets, and user-friendly mobile platform.

  1. Betpawa

Countries of operation: Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Zambia, and more.

Why it stands out: Known for its minimalistic interface, Betpawa is suitable for bettors who enjoy a no-frills betting experience. They also offer very low minimum stakes, making it accessible to many.

  1. Odibets

Country of operation: Kenya

Why it stands out: Targeted primarily at the Kenyan market, Odibets offers enticing odds, particularly for football fans, and provides easy mobile access for betting on the go.


The betting sites in Africa are experiencing robust growth, and as technology becomes more embedded in the continent’s culture, the rise of mobile betting sites is inevitable. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a newcomer, there’s a platform tailored to meet your needs. Remember always to bet responsibly and understand the risks involved.

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