Ex-Chelsea midfielder Geremi files for divorce over paternity fraud

Ex-Chelsea midfielder Geremi files for divorce: Former Chelsea and Cameroon midfielder Geremi Njitap has initiated divorce proceedings against his spouse, Laure Fotso, following revelations from DNA testing that his purported twins were biologically linked to her former partner.

Ex-Chelsea midfielder Geremi files for divorce
Credit: Pulse Sports Nigeria

Geremi, aged 45, has asserted that the revelation regarding the parentage of the twins, who were conceived during a clandestine encounter of his wife with an ex-lover, has severely impacted their marriage.

According to legal documents, he has accused Laure of significantly disrupting the marital harmony with her deplorable actions and continuous deception, stating, that – No children have resulted from this marriage.

He explained that the presumption that the twins, born in June 2008 — a significant time before the couple’s nuptials in 2012 — was his primary motivator for their union.

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The subsequent uncovering of the children’s true paternity has, according to Geremi, demolished the marital peace and inflicted immense emotional turmoil upon him.

Furthermore, Geremi has accused his wife of inflicting psychological harm. Geremi notably contributed to Chelsea throughout his professional career, making 109 appearances and netting four goals from 2003 to 2007.

He also represented Real Madrid from 1999 to 2003. On an international level, he was a key player in the Cameroon national team, helping them to secure back-to-back African Nations Cup victories in 2000 and 2002.



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