Former UFC star Mark Coleman is battling for his life after saving his parents from a house fire.

Former UFC star Mark Coleman is battling for his life: Former UFC champion Mark Coleman is in critical condition following a heroic act where he saved his parents from a house fire in Ohio, according to a statement from his daughter Morgan Coleman on Instagram.

Reportedly, Coleman repeatedly entered the burning house to rescue his parents and attempted to save the family dog, Hammer, who unfortunately did not survive.

He was subsequently airlifted to a hospital and is now fighting for his life.

Former UFC star Mark Coleman is battling for his life

CNN has attempted to contact the Toledo Police, Fire Department, and Coleman’s representative for further details on the incident and Coleman’s current state.

Morgan Coleman expressed that her father has always been a hero to their family and is known for his fighting spirit. She has requested prayers for her father and their family during this challenging time.

Hammer’s barking alerted Coleman’s actions, waking him up, as his other daughter, Kenzie, shared.

Working on a book with Coleman, MMA journalist Jonathan Snowden shared an image on X (formerly Twitter) showing Coleman in the hospital on a ventilator.

Meanwhile, Wes Sims, a close friend and fellow ex-UFC fighter, reported on Facebook that Coleman was intubated and sedated in a Toledo hospital, highlighting his resilience and tough spirit.

Coleman’s mother, Connie, also took to Facebook to express gratitude for their survival and requested prayers for her son.

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Mark Coleman, revered in the UFC community as the first UFC heavyweight champion and a UFC Hall of Fame inductee in 2008, had an illustrious career with a 16-10 record.

Before transitioning to MMA, he had a successful amateur wrestling career, including an NCAA championship win at Ohio State in 1988 and participation in the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain.


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