How many trophies have Liverpool won? Find out

When discussing the most successful football clubs in English history, Liverpool Football Club undeniably occupies a place at the top of the list. The question of “How many trophies have Liverpool won?” opens a window into the club’s illustrious history, showcasing a legacy built on memorable victories, legendary figures, and unforgettable moments that have left an indelible mark on the football world.

With a storied past that intertwines with the very fabric of English and European football, the Reds have not only captured the hearts of their passionate fanbase but have also filled their trophy cabinet with an impressive array of silverware.

Whether you’re a die-hard Liverpool supporter, a football history enthusiast, or simply curious about the achievements of one of the game’s most iconic institutions, exploring the count of Liverpool’s trophies provides insight into the unique essence of the club.

How many trophies has Liverpool won?

Liverpool trophies list

Liverpool Football Club has amassed an impressive collection of trophies, solidifying its status as one of the most successful clubs in English and European football. Here’s a list of their significant honors:

1. Domestic Competitions

  • Premier League/First Division Titles: 19 (last won in 2019-20)
  • FA Cups: 8 (last won in 2021-22)
  • League Cups: 9 (record, last won in 2021-22)
  • FA Community Shields: 16 (including shared titles)

2. European Competitions

  • UEFA Champions League/European Cup: 6 (last won in 2018-19)
  • UEFA Europa League/UEFA Cup: 3 (last won in 2000-01)
  • UEFA Super Cup: 4 (last won in 2019)

3. Other International Competitions

FIFA Club World Cup: 1 (won in 2019)

This list highlights Liverpool’s domestic dominance and significant success on the European stage, contributing to its global fanbase and illustrious history.

How many trophies has Liverpool won?

Liverpool Football Club has won a total of 66 major trophies across domestic, European, and international competitions, showcasing their status as one of the most successful and storied clubs in the history of football. ​

Which English team has won the most trophies?

Manchester United is often cited as the English football club with the most trophies when considering major honors across domestic and international competitions. However, the exact count can vary depending on the criteria defining a “major” trophy. Manchester United has been at the top among English clubs when tallying league titles, FA Cups, League Cups, European titles, and other significant honors like the FIFA Club World Cup.

Who has more trophies, Liverpool or Manchester United?

Manchester United has won 69 major trophies, including their successes in domestic leagues, cups, and European competitions. This tally makes them one of the most successful clubs in English football history.

Comparatively, Liverpool FC’s trophy count stands at 50 major trophies; this includes their wins across domestic and international competitions.

Therefore, Manchester United has more trophies than Liverpool when considering the total count of major trophies won by each club.

Who has won more trophies, Liverpool or Man City?

Considering their history in domestic and European competitions, Liverpool has won more significant trophies overall than Manchester City. Liverpool’s success spans a more extended period and includes more victories in top-tier European competitions, which adds to their prestige on the international stage.

Does Liverpool have 70 trophies?

According to the information available from their official website and other sources, Liverpool’s major trophy count includes 19 League Titles, 6 European Cups (Champions League), 1 FIFA Club World Cup, 8 FA Cups, 9 League Cups, 3 UEFA Cups (Europa League), 4 UEFA Super Cups, and 11 Community Shields​​​​​​. Other honors include Division Two titles, FA Youth Cups, and various reserve and women’s competition titles. Still, these are typically not counted in the major trophy tally that fans and analysts often refer to when discussing club achievements.

Who is bigger, Liverpool or Manchester United?

Determining whether Liverpool or Manchester United is the “bigger” club involves examining various factors, including league positions, total all-time honors, average attendance, and global support. Historically, both clubs are among the most successful in England, with Manchester United leading in league titles and Liverpool having significant success in European competitions.

In terms of league positions over the last 50 years, Liverpool has had a slightly higher average position than Manchester United, indicating a consistent level of performance in domestic competitions. However, Manchester United has won more Premier League titles since its inception in 1992/93, significantly boosting their domestic profile.

Regarding major honors, the competition is very close, with Manchester United having a slight edge with one more piece of silverware than Liverpool, according to Sky Sports. This includes their domestic league titles, FA Cups, and success in European competitions like the UEFA Champions League.

Who beat Liverpool the most?

Manchester United has recorded the most league victories over Liverpool, with 69 wins. This statistic includes matches played across the Lancashire League, The Football League, and the Premier League.


Liverpool Football Club’s remarkable trophy count is a vivid testament to its storied legacy and indomitable spirit on the footballing stage. From Anfield’s hallowed grounds to Europe’s grand arenas, the Reds have inscribed their name in history through sheer determination, skill, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Their impressive range of domestic and international silverware highlights Liverpool’s status as one of the most successful clubs in English football. It underscores their influence and prestige in the global football community.

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