The Most Successful Clubs in England in the Last 10 Years

In English football, the most successful clubs in England over the last decade have crafted a story of unparalleled triumph and resilience. This era, characterized by intense rivalry and exceptional feats, witnessed these teams ascend to incredible heights, redefining the concept of success in the sport’s annals.

most successful clubs in england

Their journey, marked by strategic brilliance, unyielding spirit, and enthralling football, has established new benchmarks in the English game. As we look into their narratives, we discover how these clubs transcended mere title victories, creating legacies that echo well beyond the confines of the football pitch.

List of the Most Successful Clubs in England in the Last 10 Years

The most successful club in England in terms of major trophies won in the previous 10 years can vary based on the specific criteria used to define success (such as league titles, domestic cups, European cups, or a combination). However, the clubs that have consistently been at the top in English football during this period include:

1. Manchester City has been particularly dominant in the Premier League, with multiple league titles. Their success also extends to domestic cup competitions.

2. Liverpool: Liverpool has experienced a resurgence, especially under manager Jürgen Klopp, winning the Premier League and achieving notable success in the UEFA Champions League.

3. Chelsea: Chelsea has remained a strong contender in domestic and European competitions, including winning the UEFA Champions League.

4. Manchester United: Although they have experienced some fluctuation in their performance levels post Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, they have still secured significant trophies.

5. Arsenal: Known for their consistent performances, although they have had more success in domestic cup competitions compared to the league in this period.

6. Tottenham Hotspur: While not as trophy-laden as some other clubs, Tottenham has maintained a strong presence in the upper echelons of the Premier League and had notable runs in European competitions.

Who Has Won More Trophies, Liverpool or Man Utd?

It depends on how you count! Liverpool and Manchester United are historical English football giants with impressive trophy hauls. Here’s a breakdown:

Total Trophies:

  • Manchester United: 67 trophies (including 20 league titles, 12 FA Cups, 5 League Cups, 3 Champions Leagues, 1 Europa League)
  • Liverpool: 67 trophies (including 19 league titles, 8 FA Cups, 9 League Cups, 6 Champions Leagues, 3 Europa Leagues)

Major Trophies:

  • Liverpool: 45 significant trophies (excluding Community Shields)
  • Manchester United: 44 important trophies (excluding Community Shields)

Current Situation:

  • As of today, January 29, 2024, both clubs have 67 trophies each when considering all competitive titles.
  • If you exclude the Community Shield, which some fans argue is less prestigious, Liverpool edges ahead with 45 major trophies to Manchester United’s 44.

So, based on total trophies, it’s a very close tie. However, Liverpool currently holds the edge regarding major trophies if you exclude the Community Shield.

Ultimately, the debate about who is “more successful” is subjective and depends on how you weigh different factors. The rivalry between these two clubs is intense and passionate, and fans on both sides will always argue their case!

Is Liverpool Now the Most Successful Club in England?

Determining England’s “most successful” club is subjective and depends on what criteria you prioritize. While Liverpool recently surpassed Manchester United in significant trophies (excluding Community Shields), the debate remains complex. Here’s a breakdown:

Arguments for Liverpool:

  • More major trophies: Today, January 29, 2024, Liverpool Football Club leads with 45 major trophies, surpassing Manchester United’s count of 44 when excluding the Community Shields from the tally.
  • Recent success: They’ve consistently challenged for significant trophies under Jurgen Klopp, winning one Premier League title, one Champions League, one FA Cup, and three Club World Cups in the last decade.
  • European dominance: With six Champions League titles, Liverpool holds the record for most European Cup wins by an English club.

Arguments for Manchester United:

  • More English top-flight titles: Manchester United leads with 20 league titles compared to Liverpool’s 19. This historic milestone holds significant weight for some fans.
  • Overall trophy count: Considering all trophies, including Community Shields, Manchester United still ties Liverpool with 67 each.
  • Domestic dominance: Manchester United boasts a higher number of FA Cup (12) and League Cup (5) wins compared to Liverpool (8 and 9 respectively).

Ultimately, declaring Liverpool the “most successful” club depends on what you value most: recent accomplishments, European prestige, or historical dominance within England.

Here are some additional factors to consider:

  • Consistency: While both clubs have periods of sustained success, Manchester United arguably dominated the English game for a more extended period during the 1990s and early 2000s.
  • Impact on the sport: Both clubs have significantly shaped English football history and culture, making it difficult to quantify their overall impact.
  • Fan perspective: The rivalry between these clubs is incredibly passionate, and supporters on both sides will fiercely defend their team’s claim to the “most successful” title.

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Who is the Most Successful English Football Club in the 21st Century?

Deciding the most successful English football club in the 21st century is highly subjective and depends on what you consider the most critical indicators of success. Here are some strong contenders, along with their arguments:


  • Most major trophies: With 18 significant trophies (3 Premier League titles, 4 FA Cups, 1 League Cup, 2 Champions Leagues, 2 Europa Leagues) since 2000, Chelsea leads the pack in this category.
  • Consistent challenger: Since Roman Abramovich’s 2003 takeover, Chelsea has consistently challenged for major honors, making them a significant force in English football.
  • European success: Winning two Champions League titles (2012, 2021) solidifies their European pedigree.

Manchester City:

  • Premier League dominance: Their recent run of 5 Premier League titles in 6 years (2017-2023) under Pep Guardiola paints a picture of unparalleled domestic dominance.
  • Playing style and innovation: Guardiola’s revolutionary playing style and commitment to beautiful football have earned Manchester City’s admiration worldwide.
  • Financial backing: While some might object to Manchester City’s success being linked to their financial support, it’s a significant factor in their achievements.


  • Champions League triumph: Winning the Champions League in 2019 after years of near misses marked a pivotal moment for the club.
  • Klopp’s impact: Jurgen Klopp’s leadership brought consistency and intensity back to Liverpool, making them a significant force domestically and in Europe.
  • Passionate fanbase: Liverpool boasts one of the most passionate fan bases in the world, adding an intangible element to their success.

Other clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, and Leicester City deserve honorable mentions for their achievements in the 21st century, though they still need to match contenders’ sustained success.

Ultimately, declaring the “most successful” club is up to individual interpretation and what you value most. Weighing factors like trophy haul, domestic dominance, European success, style of play, and fan following will lead you to different conclusions.

Which English Club Has More Trophies?

Determining which English club has the most trophies depends on how you count! Here’s a breakdown:

Total trophies:

  • Manchester United and Liverpool: Both clubs currently have 67 trophies each when considering all competitive titles.

Major trophies:

  • Liverpool: Leads with 45 significant trophies (excluding Community Shields).
  • Manchester United: Has 44 important trophies (excluding Community Shields).

Specific Competitions:

  • Premier League titles: Manchester United: 20, Liverpool: 19
  • FA Cups: Arsenal: 14, Manchester United: 12, Liverpool: 8
  • League Cups: Liverpool: 9, Manchester United: 5
  • Champions League titles: Liverpool: 6, Manchester United: 3

So, it’s a very close tie! If you consider all trophies, it’s a dead heat. But Liverpool currently holds a slight edge if you focus on significant trophies.

Ultimately, the debate about who has “more trophies” depends on your priorities. Is it the number of titles, the most prestigious competitions, or the historical dominance in specific tournaments?

Is Chelsea the Most Successful Club in England?

Chelsea is not typically considered the most successful club in England, considering the total number of major trophies won. Historically, this distinction has often been a close contest between Manchester United and Liverpool, both have won many domestic league titles, domestic cups (FA Cup and League Cup), and European trophies (including the UEFA Champions League).

Chelsea, however, has been highly successful, particularly since the early 2000s. Their achievements include multiple Premier League titles, FA Cups, League Cups, and notable success in European competitions, including winning the UEFA Champions League. Their transformation into one of Europe’s elite clubs has been remarkable, and they have established themselves as one of the top clubs in England.

The “most successful” measure can vary based on the criteria used (such as the weighting of different types of trophies) and the inclusion of various lesser domestic or international competitions. For the latest and most precise information, it’s advisable to consult up-to-date records or official club statistics.


Reflecting on the last ten years in English football, one club stands out for its unparalleled success. This period, characterized by intense rivalry and strategic mastery, saw this team consistently triumph in domestic and European arenas. Their journey, marked by visionary leadership and exceptional talent, has redefined excellence.

More than just their impressive trophy haul, they’ve captivated fans and influenced the sport’s style nationwide. As we look to the future, their legacy of this golden era remains a benchmark for others, embodying the pinnacle of achievement and setting the stage for continued greatness in English football.

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