Pogba Denies Doping Allegation: Vows to Appeal Ban

“Pogba Denies Doping Allegation” – Juventus football icon Paul Pogba has been suspended from all football activities for four years following doping allegations.

The suspension made public on Thursday, means that the 30-year-old athlete will be sidelined from the sport until 2027 when he turns 33.

The decision comes after Pogba was subjected to a random drug test following Juventus’ season opener on August 20, 2023.

Pogba Denies Doping Allegation

By September 2023, the ex-Manchester United star was under temporary suspension after tests indicated abnormally high levels of testosterone, a hormone known to enhance athlete stamina.

In October 2023, the Italian national antidoping court corroborated the initial positive result with a secondary test, prompting the antidoping prosecutor’s office to propose a four-year ban.

The suspension has been retroactively applied from the date of the initial test failure. Pogba said, “I am saddened, bewildered, and devastated by the loss of my professional career’s accomplishments” following the ban’s announcement.

He disputes the antidoping tribunal’s ruling, asserting, “I was taken aback by today’s decision by the Tribunale Nazionale Antidoping and am convinced of its error.

“Once free from legal constraints, I plan to reveal the entire situation; however, I assert my innocence against the intentional use of banned supplements,” according to his statement.

The BBC reported that Pogba’s infringement was identified by detecting synthetic testosterone metabolites, indicating the substance came from an external source.

Pogba maintains his innocence, stressing that he has never knowingly used prohibited substances to improve his performance.

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“As a dedicated athlete, I have always refrained from using illicit performance enhancers, respecting my fellow players and fans of any team I have represented or competed against,” he stated.

Following the official announcement, Pogba declared his intention to challenge the decision at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Pogba’s representative, Rafaela Pimenta, commented on the initial suspension, maintaining, “It is clear that Paul Pogba has never intended to violate any regulations.”



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