How to Apply for Academy Sports Jobs Online

Academy Sports Jobs Online: Welcome to our detailed guide designed to help you navigate the digital landscape of job applications, particularly for those eyeing opportunities at Academy Sports + Outdoors. In today’s digital age, where a single click can pave the way to new career avenues, grasping the nuances of online job applications has become increasingly vital.

This guide is your essential companion in demystifying the process and setting you on the path to success with Academy Sports + Outdoors.

This post is your gateway to mastering the art of online applications at Academy Sports. Here, we don’t just walk you through the process; we equip you with insider tips and strategies to enhance your chances of standing out in a competitive job market. From decoding job descriptions to crafting a resume that resonates with Academy Sports’ ethos, we’ve got you covered.

Academy Sports Jobs Online

We aim to transform what can often be an overwhelming process into an exciting journey towards your next career milestone. So, let’s unlock the secrets to a successful online application at Academy Sports!

How to Apply for Academy Sports Jobs Online

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for Academy Sports + Outdoors Jobs Online

1. Research and Preparation

  • Understand the Company: Before applying, it’s beneficial to have a good understanding of Academy Sports + Outdoors, its company culture, and its products. This information can be found on their official website and social media pages.
  • Identify Your Skills and Interests: Check your skills, experiences, and interests. It will help you apply for jobs that are a good fit for you.

2. Visit the Academy Sports + Outdoors Career Website.

  • Locate the Careers Section: Go to the Academy Sports + Outdoors website and find the ‘Careers’ link, usually at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Explore the Site: Familiarize yourself with the layout of the career site. Look for information about the application process, benefits, company culture, etc.

3. Search for Job Openings

  • Use Filters: Apply filters like location, department, and job type to narrow the list of openings.
  • Read Job Descriptions Carefully: Pay close attention to the responsibilities, qualifications, and requirements of the jobs you are interested in.

4. Create an Account or Log In

  • Account Creation: You must generate an account if you’re a new user. It typically involves providing an email address and creating a password.
  • Profile Setup: Some sites ask you to set up a profile, including uploading a resume and inputting personal details.

5. Fill Out the Application Form

  • Accuracy is Key: Accurate your personal information, educational background, and work history.
  • Detail Your Experience: When describing your previous jobs, focus on experiences and skills relevant to the position you’re applying for.

6. Upload Resume and Cover Letter

  • Tailor Your Documents: Design your resume and cover letter for the job. Highlight how your skills and experiences suit the job requirements.
  • Professional Format: Ensure these documents are well-formatted, error-free, and professional.

7. Submit the Application

  • Final Review: Double-check for any errors or omitted information.
  • Submission: Submit your application and keep a record of the positions you have applied for.

8. Post-Application Process

  • Email Confirmation: Typically, you’ll receive an email confirming your application.
  • Application Status: Use your account to check the status of your application.

9. Follow-Up

  • Be Patient: Allow some time for the hiring team to process applications.
  • Follow-Up Communication: A polite follow-up email or phone call can demonstrate your continued interest if you have been waiting to hear back for a few weeks.

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How Many Employees Do Academy Sports Have?

Academy Sports + Outdoors had approximately 22,000 employees. However, it’s important to note that the number of employees in a company can fluctuate over time because of various factors such as business expansion, seasonal hiring, and organizational changes.

Academy Sports Salary

Academy Sports + Outdoors offers a range of salaries for its employees, depending on the specific job title, location, experience, and other factors. Here’s a general overview:

  • Average hourly rate: $12.83 according to Pay scale, ranging from $10.07 to $17.06.
  • Average annual salary: $71,506 according to Pay scale, ranging from $43,505 to $121,795.

Here’s a breakdown of salary ranges for some common positions at Academy Sports + Outdoors:

  • Sales Associate: $11.47 – $15.29 per hour
  • Cashier: $12.00 – $16.00 per hour
  • Inventory Control Specialist: $13.59 – $17.43 per hour
  • Customer Service Representative: $12.74 – $16.57 per hour
  • Assistant Store Manager: $45,000 – $60,000 per year
  • Store Manager: $55,060 – $75,000 per year


In conclusion, applying for a job at Academy Sports + Outdoors online is a streamlined and accessible process designed to connect potential employees with a wide range of opportunities within the company. From initial research about the company and its culture to the final stages of submitting an application and following up, each step is crucial for a successful career with Academy Sports.

The process emphasizes the importance of tailoring your resume and application to match the job’s specific requirements, highlighting the significance of attention to detail and personalization in job applications.


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