Top 10 Betting Sites in Bangladesh: Best Bookmakers

The world of online betting is ever-evolving, and the growth in Bangladesh is no exception. While gambling has deep historical roots in many cultures, the rise of digital technology has reshaped the industry, making it more accessible than ever. For Bangladeshi enthusiasts, the digital sphere offers a plethora of betting sites. But which ones are the best? Here’s a comprehensive list of Bangladesh’s top 10 betting sites for 2023.

Betting Sites in Bangladesh

Overview of Betting Sites in Bangladesh

Betting in Bangladesh is a topic of both interest and controversy. Bangladesh, predominantly a Muslim-majority country, has strict laws against gambling. The Public Gambling Act of 1867, which is inherited from British rule, makes it illegal to run a gambling house or to be found in one. This law extends to online gambling as well, but like in many countries, there are gray areas when it comes to its application to online betting, especially when the websites are hosted overseas.

Here’s a brief overview of the situation regarding betting sites in Bangladesh:

  1. Popularity of Sports Betting: Despite legal restrictions, sports betting is popular among many Bangladeshis. Cricket, being the most popular sport in the country, attracts a significant portion of these bets. This includes bets on domestic games, the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), and international matches.
  2. Online Betting: While physical gambling establishments are virtually non-existent due to legal reasons, many Bangladeshis turn to online betting platforms. Most of these sites are hosted overseas, which creates a legal gray area.
  3. Use of VPNs: To bypass local internet restrictions and maintain anonymity, many Bangladeshi users employ Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) when accessing betting sites.
  4. Payment Methods: Traditional banking methods for depositing or withdrawing from online betting platforms can be risky in Bangladesh due to the legal status of gambling. As a result, many users prefer e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, or other discreet payment methods.
  5. Potential Risks: Engaging in betting from Bangladesh carries risks, given its illegal status. Users might face legal consequences and the risk of stumbling upon fraudulent sites since local regulatory oversight is non-existent.
  6. Efforts to Curb Betting: The government has been vocal against gambling and has made efforts to crack down on illegal betting rings, especially during high-profile cricket matches. There have been incidents where individuals were arrested for betting on cricket games.
  7. Growing Awareness: Due to the potential negative consequences of gambling, there’s a growing awareness about the risks of addiction. Many advocates for responsible betting and emphasize the importance of understanding the legal implications.

It’s crucial for anyone interested in betting from Bangladesh to stay updated on the country’s current legal landscape concerning gambling and to be aware of the potential risks involved. Always consult with local sources or legal counsel before engaging in betting activities.

10 Betting Sites in Bangladesh 2023

If you’re looking for an updated list of popular betting sites in Bangladesh in 2023, below is our top best:

1. Bet365

  • Features: Globally recognized, Bet365 offers a wide range of sports and events to bet on, live streaming, and competitive odds.
  • Highlight: The platform’s user-friendly interface is commendable, catering to beginners and seasoned betters.

2. Betfair

  • Features: Apart from traditional betting, Betfair boasts an exchange system where users can set odds and bet against one another.
  • Highlight: This unique peer-to-peer system offers a dynamic betting experience, allowing users to engage more directly.

3. Unibet

  • Features: Comprehensive coverage of sports events, coupled with options for live betting.
  • Highlight: Unibet’s live streaming feature ensures that users don’t miss out on the action, merging the thrill of watching and betting.

4. 888Sport

  • Features: From horse racing to football, the platform covers an array of events, further complemented by a seamless mobile app.
  • Highlight: Their promotional offers are particularly attractive, especially for new users.

5. Betway

  • Features: With a focus on cricket betting markets, it’s no wonder Betway is a favorite in Bangladesh.
  • Highlight: Their in-play betting options and quick payouts are major draws.

6. Parimatch

  • Features: This emerging platform is known for its clean interface, a vast range of sports markets, and efficient customer support.
  • Highlight: The inclusion of e-sports betting is a fresh addition, attracting the younger demographic.

7. 10Bet

  • Features: Covering a vast array of sports, they offer lucrative odds, especially in popular events.
  • Highlight: Their feature-rich mobile app ensures betting on the go is smooth and intuitive.

8. Melbet

  • Features: Diverse betting markets and a straightforward platform make Melbet an excellent choice for many.
  • Highlight: Their commitment to responsible gambling, offering tools and resources, is commendable.

9. Bwin

  • Features: Renowned for a robust live betting platform, Bwin also offers a good mix of sports markets.
  • Highlight: Their cash-out option, allowing users to withdraw before an event’s conclusion, adds an extra layer of strategy to betting.

10. Dafabet

  • Features: While it caters to various global markets, its focus on Asian events and sports makes it a preferred choice in Bangladesh.
  • Highlight: Regular promotional offers and a multilingual support team enhance user experience.

Bangladesh Betting Requirements

betting and gambling are illegal in Bangladesh. This includes both traditional and online forms of gambling. The laws are clear-cut, and strong penalties exist for individuals found to be engaging in gambling activities.

However, for those Bangladeshis who access overseas online betting platforms – a practice that falls into a legal gray area due to the international nature of the internet – there are general requirements common across online betting platforms:

  1. Age Requirement: Almost all reputable online betting platforms have a minimum age requirement, typically 18 or older.
  2. Valid Identification: To register, verify one’s identity, and prevent fraud, users often need to provide valid identification. This could be a passport, national ID card, or a driver’s license.
  3. Payment Method: Online betting platforms typically require users to have a valid payment method to deposit or withdraw funds. This can be credit cards, e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller, bank transfers, or even cryptocurrencies. Given the legal status of gambling in Bangladesh, traditional banking methods can be risky.
  4. Address Verification: Many platforms will ask for proof of address, such as utility bills or bank statements.
  5. VPN Usage: Since many betting sites might be blocked in Bangladesh, users often resort to VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to bypass these restrictions.
  6. Account Security: Users will need to set up a username and password. Given the sensitive nature of the data and transactions involved, choosing a strong password and enabling additional security measures like two-factor authentication if available is crucial.
  7. Understanding of Odds & Betting Types: While not a ‘requirement’ per se, having a solid understanding of how odds work and the various types of bets available is essential to navigate and place bets on these platforms.

Lastly, and most importantly, individuals in Bangladesh considering using betting platforms should be acutely aware of the legal situation. Accessing or participating in gambling activities, even if they are hosted overseas, might have legal implications in Bangladesh. Always prioritize safety, discretion, and be informed of the potential risks involved.


Choosing a betting site should always be a combination of personal preference and a thorough assessment of the platform’s reliability, reputation, and security features. Always ensure that you’re betting responsibly, setting limits for yourself, and seeking information about local gambling regulations.

Remember, while the thrill of a potential win is exhilarating, the primary purpose of betting should be entertainment. Enjoy the experience, but stay informed and safe. Happy betting in 2023!

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