Netherlands 4-0 Scotland

 Netherlands 4-0 Scotland: People view the outcome and perceive it as being lopsided – response to Scotland’s 4-0 defeat by the Netherlands.

 Netherlands 4-0 Scotland
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 Netherlands 4-0 Scotland

“Unusual evening for Clarke

Full Time: Netherlands 4-0 Scotland

Scotland manager Steve Clarke told BBC Scotland: It’s an odd feeling. It hurts; there’s no sugarcoating a 4-0 loss – it was tough.

We were solid for the first 70 minutes, then we let in a weak second goal. The major difference was in the finishing; we were creating opportunities against a strong team.

It’s something to reflect on without getting too carried away. The boys and I are upset by how things turned out.

There were some positives, but they tend to be overshadowed right after a loss—the final score stings. We let the game get too stretched, favoring the Netherlands more than us, resulting in our loss.

Lawrence should feel good about what he did. As a forward, he’s expected to score. He had a significant chance; typically, you’d expect him to make it, but there’s always a next time.

I need to clear my thoughts. I had plans for Tuesday night, but this match might have altered them.


Finally, let’s hear the concluding remarks from the Scotland manager…”


Full Time: Netherlands 4-0 Scotland

The upcoming three matches might be less demanding for Scotland than their recent encounters.

They’ve faced tough competitors in England, France, and the Netherlands.

Next, they will take on Northern Ireland at Hampden on Tuesday, followed by matches against Gibraltar and Finland in June.

It Provides an opportunity to regain some forward motion after a streak of six games without a win.”


‘Former Celtic Colleagues’

Full Time: Netherlands 4-0 Scotland


Koeman Surprised Scotland Didn’t Find the Net

Full Time: Netherlands 4-0 Scotland

Netherlands manager Ronald Koeman told Viaplay, We know we can generate many quality opportunities.

For the initial sixty minutes, Scotland was the superior side, having more chances to score. It was quite surprising they should have capitalized on those opportunities, given their numerous attempts.

Our play needs improvement; there were too many errors, and we must enhance our performance before facing Germany.

We anticipated the Scottish resilience; they are notably tenacious, complemented by skilled individuals like John McGinn, who had an exceptional performance tonight.


Full Time: Netherlands 4-0 Scotland

Willie Miller

Ex-Scotland backline, speaking on BBC Sport sound:

I believe the switch, with Souttar entering and Tierney exiting, caused a disturbance. After reviewing the replay of the second goal, it’s clear Souttar was hesitant about the player at the back post.

However, he should have identified the main threat and positioned himself accordingly.

He attempted to adjust, but his reaction was delayed. It occurred shortly after the substitution.


Full Time: Netherlands 4-0 Scotland

Additional comments from Scotland captain Andy Robertson in his Viaplay interview: “When you participate in major tournaments, you need to perform significantly better than today.

If defeated, minimizing the impact on our goal difference is crucial. We aim to be more than contest participants; we want to be contenders.

We must return to a winning mindset, and that shift must happen swiftly.

We approached today’s match as a prelude to the Euros, and for the most part, we performed adequately. However, soccer is a full 90-minute game.

Our energy levels were up; it wasn’t a matter of fatigue. We maintained possession effectively but needed more focus. Despite playing well for stretches, the outcome could have been as severe as 6-0.

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‘Unacceptable Performance’

Full Time: Netherlands 4-0 Scotland

Scotland captain Andy Robertson, speaking to Viaplay: And he said, visiting top-tier teams and performing as we did is unacceptable. We must draw strength from the first 60 to 70 minutes, but the final stretch does not represent our standard of play.

Leaving the field with a 4-0 defeat is staggering. We must avoid reverting to our previous approach when facing leading teams. Such performances lead others to believe the match was entirely one-sided.

We fell behind due to an exceptional goal but kept our composure, initiating the second half strongly and creating significant opportunities. However, at this level, the key is converting those chances into goals.

While players might miss opportunities, what’s critical is that we avoid becoming too exposed as we did. This issue is a collective responsibility – we all must address and rectify it.


‘Shankland Fits Well in the Team’

Full Time: Netherlands 4-0 Scotland

James McFadden

Ex-Scotland striker, speaking on Sport sound:

Shankland’s contribution was outstanding; his presence improved the team as he maintained his position well and involved other players.

He approached his opportunity calmly, without rushing or showing nervousness. He aimed for precision, attempting to place the ball in the top corner, sometimes leading to over-execution.

Yet, his comprehensive performance demonstrated his capability within this squad. At this level, chances are scarce, and he needed to convert that opportunity.

Nevertheless, I am confident in his recovery and success in future matches.


Game Statistics

Full Time: Netherlands 4-0 Scotland

Scotland has yet to secure a victory in their last six matches across all competitions (2 draws, 4 losses), a situation not seen since September 2008. Additionally, they conceded more than two goals in six consecutive matches for the first time since a streak in April 1961, which lasted for seven games.

They have experienced defeats in four out of their recent six games (2 draws), contrasting to their previous 21 matches where they had 15 wins, 3 draws, and 3 losses.

Conversely, the Netherlands has recorded four successive victories while maintaining clean sheets, a feat last achieved between March and June 2013.

In their recent 17 home international matches, they have claimed victory 14 times (2 draws, 1 loss), with clean sheets in 10 games.

Tijjani Reijnders netted his debut goal for the senior national team with the Netherlands’ initial attempt of the match.

Georginio Wijnaldum has scored in consecutive international games for the first time since November 2020.


‘Need for Greater Savvy’

Full Time: Netherlands 4-0 Scotland

Scotland’s midfielder, John McGinn, speaking to Viaplay: He said we’re seasoned players, with many of us competing in European leagues.

We created significant opportunities; one should have been converted.

After falling 2-0 behind, we needed to be shrewder and tighten our defense. That’s the most disappointing aspect.

Looking at the overall game, there were positives; we didn’t feel outclassed by the Netherlands.

The final 20 minutes won’t be remembered with any affection.

Until a certain point, tonight’s match felt like one of our strongest away from home that I’ve been part of, yet the outcome doesn’t reflect that. There’s likely disbelief at the margin of defeat in the locker room.

We’ve seen this scenario before but were progressing against such outcomes.

Lawrence Shankland’s performance was remarkable, especially against a player of Virgil Van Dijk’s caliber.

I’m confident about his scoring abilities; we all are. The goals will come for someone of his talent, and we’re all behind him.

Opportunities will arise again; we’ll find the net next time.


Full Time: Netherlands 4-0 Scotland

James McFadden

Ex-Scotland striker, commenting on Sport sound:

I’ve been to this stadium twice and witnessed Scotland let in 10 goals without reply. That’s it for me; I’m never returning here!


Full Time: Netherlands 4-0 Scotland

Tom English

Chief Sports Writer for BBC Scotland, on Sport sound:

Steve Clarke will have worries, even if he keeps them to himself. Scotland has faced numerous exceptional teams with significant attacking strength lately.

However, they’ve allowed an alarming number of goals.


Puzzling Evening

Full Time: Netherlands 4-0 Scotland

That was quite baffling. Is it odd to suggest that despite the loss, Scotland displayed some of their finest football in recent years?

The team appeared to falter after Billy Gilmour and Kieran Tierney were substituted. Moreover, the late-game defense left much to be desired.

A perplexing turn of events for Scotland supporters!


Full Time: Netherlands 4-0 Scotland

Willie Miller

Ex-Aberdeen skipper, speaking on BBC Sport sound:

The second and third goals undid the entirety of the performance. Those were goals that should not have occurred.

What was shaping up to be a splendid display has turned into something quite disheartening.

I hope Scotland can take lessons from this.


Netherlands 4-0 Scotland

James McFadden

Ex-Scotland striker, commenting on Sport sound:

The idea is to use these matches as a means to bolster confidence and serve as preparation before entering the tournament.

Suffering a 4-0 loss, it becomes challenging to extract the necessary positives as we head into a significant competition.


FULL-TIME – Netherlands 4-0 Scotland

The final whistle blows in Amsterdam. For 70 minutes, it seemed like a promising evening for Scotland, but things turned bleak in the last 20.

Indeed, Tijjani Reijnders gave the Dutch an edge before halftime, but Scotland missed numerous opportunities and struck the woodwork twice.

The mood shifted after Gini Wijnaldum’s header doubled the Netherlands’ lead, and they began to dominate.

Wout Weghorst and Donyell Malen polished off the scoreline. It’s a bitter pill for Scotland, a stark reminder of the importance of capitalizing on opportunities.

90+2 mins

Netherlands 4-0 Scotland

Reflecting on that opportunity Lawrence Shankland had when it was still 1-0. Typically, he’d calmly slot those home.

Unfortunately, he hit it slightly too high, and it smashed against the crossbar. It was a pivotal moment. The substitutions made by both teams also played a significant role.

The Netherlands had a chance to add a fifth goal. Donyell Malen delivered a splendid cross to Teun Koopmeiners, but his immediate shot soared above the goal.

89 mins

Netherlands 4-0 Scotland

Sport sound commentator Liam McLeod has highlighted that Scotland has let in 18 goals over their past six games.

That’s an average of three goals per match. Elite teams have found it somewhat straightforward to score against Scotland several times.


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